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Information The Aegir


The Aegir is listed as a Cargo Ship of 20,000 Grav Weight (GWT).

Her planet of origin is unspecified.

The vessel is actually a military intelligence ship operated by the Imperial Marines of the United Republic (IMUR). The ship's mission was focused on Black Ops enhanced interrogation methods for intelligence gathering through the use of nanites to torture prisoners.

Aegir ship beacon

The ship passed through the path of a solar flare which blew out the engines, damaged its computer systems, and set the ship adrift in sector DX-012 of the Quad asteroid belt near Arkyn. The interrogation system was also affected and caught in a continuous interrogation loop, using the nanites first to torture and then heal the crew over and over again as it interrogated individuals to learn of their knowledge and involvement in Red 17.[1]

Dutch entering the Aegir

Dutch, John, and D'avin executed a C&C Warrant to salvage the ship. While onboard they found Hogan, who tells them he is a marooned ship salvager. Hogan was actually an original member of the crew that used the interrogation system against his crewmates. He eventually manages to take D'avin prisoner and use the nanite interrogation system against him. Dutch is able to free D'avin and get herself and the brothers off the ship, blowing the Aegir and Hogan up to prevent others from suffering the same fate of constant interrogation.


  • The Aegir is named after a sea giant from Norse mythology.