Gender Female
Relationships Khlyen Kin Rit (Father)
Yalena Kin Rit (Mother)
Dutch /Yalena Yardeen/Yala (Genetic Identical, Chiral, Sister and Aunt/Sister/Mirror Genetic Mother to son Jaq)
Jaqobis Kin Rit /Jaq (Son)
Delle Seyah Kendry /Kendry (Wife and other mother to son Jaq)
D'avin Jaqobis (Father to son Jaq and boyfriend of sister Dutch)
John Jaqobis (Uncle to son Jaq)
Occupation Hullen

Queen of the Quad Planetary System

Actor Hannah John-Kamen
Jordana Blake (Young Aneela)
First How to Kill Friends and Influence People
Last Last Dance
Aneela Kin Rit aka Aneela is a recurring character appearing in Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5 of Killjoys.

She is portrayed by actress Hannah John-Kamen and by Jordana Blake as a child.


Aneela is 275 years old and is the daughter of Khlyen and the former prisoner of the Hullen. Khlyen called her Neely as a child and took her with him when he left Qresh to colonize Arkyn.[1] When Khlyen discovered the Green Plasma, she was one of the first to be infected. Unfortunately, she was young and her brain was still maturing. While she survived the physical transformation and gained the strength and regeneration abilities that all Hullen have, it damaged her brain and destroyed her impulse control and intensified her emotions so heavily she acted out in violent ways because she could not control her emotions or her impulses. This is also not helped by the trauma because she suffers from from when her father Khlyen locked her in a mirror box for hundreds of years completely alone. So Aneela has an extreme fear of being alone and will have panic attacks if she ever thinks she is permanently alone again. She does not understand human social cues after being alone and then only being with Hullen for hundreds of years. When she meets Delle Seyah Kendry or Kendry as Aneela calls her Kendry helps her get control of her impulses and helps her control her emotions. Aneela affectionately refers to Kendry as her "Tether" because of this. Kendry also helps Aneela understand human social cues. However since Aneela was infected so young the green plasma affected Aneela differently than it did the other Hullen. While she did get the immortality,regeneration abilities and the super strength that all Hullen have;she also received telekinesis and the ability to pull people and things out of the Green Plasma which are two abilities no other Hullen in entire galaxy have. She used to lead the Hullen from her space cruiser The Armada, going from system to system as she took control. However after her sister Dutch gave her back the memories Khlyen stole from her Aneela decided to work together with Dutch to save the galaxy from a villian called The Lady. Now Aneela, her wife Kendry and their son Jaqobis Kin Rit aka Jaq who is half Human and half Hullen (The first being ever to be a mix of both species) are the only Hullen left in the entire galaxy and she and her wife rule The Quad from Land Kin Rit on the Planet Qresh as immortal Hullen Queens as they try to make The Quad a better place for every human who lives in it.

The Birth of Dutch

Birth of Yala

Birth of Yala (Dutch)

During the early days of the Hullen transformation, Aneela told Khlyen that "The Lady who lives in the Green" told her she can't trust him anymore. So to keep The Lady from talking to Aneela Khlyen locked Aneela away in a Mirror Cube (Aneela calls it "The Cube") to do what he thought was protecting her because it kept The Lady from being able to speak to her through the Green and kept Aneela from being able to find any Green. Aneela was lonely though and used the Green Plasma from her body to make a tub full of the green plasma which she used to go into her own memories. She did this over and over visting all her old happy memories in the Green to deal with her loneliness. But eventually Aneela got so lonely that watching wasn't enough. So when she was in her memories Aneela plucked a younger version of herself from the Green and brought her out into the real world. Aneela named her Yalena after her mother. Then that little girl became the character Dutch as an adult as that is the nickname Dutch's best friend Johnny Jaqobis gives her as an adult.. Dutch is Aneela's daughter as she created her and is technically her mother in that sense and her sister as they are genetic identicals since Dutch is just a different version of Aneela so they share the same genetic parents Khlyen and Yalena Kin Rit even though Khlyen and Yalena Kin Rit played no part in Dutch's existence. Dutch is Aneela's chiral as they have mirrored DNA. They have the exact same genetic makeup as they are genetically the same person but their genetics mirror one another meaning that it is possible to tell their genetic signatures apart despite them being genetic identicals. When Aneela tells Khlyen of Dutch's birth Khlyen manipulates Aneela into letting him steal her memories of Dutch's existence and Dutch's birth by cutting out a piece of her brain where the memories were stored. He eventually placed those memories in a storage container called The Remnant and told Aneela that this was the only way to protect Dutch from The Lady. Aneela did not want to give up her memories of Dutch since her entire reason for creating her was so she could watch Dutch's childhood with Khlyen and so that Dutch could have the happy childhood she never had. She tells Dutch in Season 3 Episode 10 that Dutch was "Her chance for happy memories". Aneela begs Khlyen to find another way to protect Dutch other than erasing her memories of her but Khlyen says this is the only way so he erases her memories and Aneela therefore is not around for Dutch's childhood as she does not know she exists. Khlyen was going to kill young Dutch at first but she reminded him so much of Aneela as a child that he could not do it, and began to train her instead.[2] Since Khlyen removed Aneela's memories of Dutch she did not remember who Dutch was until Dutch gave Aneela back her memories of Dutch's birth in season 3 episode 10 Wargasm It is then that Aneela and Dutch decide to work together to defeat The Lady.

Development of the Red 17 Process

Shortly after Aneela became Hullen centuries before the timeline of the show began Aneela established a laboratory on Arkyn, a source of the Green Plasma, and began to experiment with the process of creating more Hullen. The reason Aneela wanted to do this was because she thought the way that the Green Plasma bonded with the human bodies was ineffiecient. Aneela wanted to fix this because she thought if she could fix how the Green bonded with the human bodies and make it more efficient then she could fix herself. The reason why she wanted to fix herself was because she was different from the other Hullen. She still had very intense emotions when all the other Hullen did not have any emotions or had muted emotions. She did not understand why this was. She also wanted to know why The Lady was talking to her in her head but at the time she wasn't talking to anyone else as far as she knew. She wanted to figure out a way to shut off her emotions too because she did not understand why she still felt so much when none of the other Hullen did. It is implied that the other Hullen used information from her experiments throughout the rest of the show's timeline to create more Hullen and that The Lady watches Aneela's experiments to see if she comes up with any new scientfic breakthroughs. [3]

Scarback Monks

Centuries before the timeline of the show began the Scarbacks travelled to Arkyn to fight Aneela.[4] They called her Pra-tal, "The Devil" in Old Word (A centuries old language that the Scarbacks used to speak). They were unsuccessful in stopping her although one monk was able to steal one of Aneela's trees which had the Green Plasma inside of it and get away. She used the other monks as experimentation subjects in the Red 17 process.


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