Killjoys Wiki
Gender Female
Relationships Khlyen Kin Rit (Father)
Yalena Kin Rit (Mother)
Yalena Yardeen (Genetic Identical, Chiral, Sister)
Jaqobis Kin Rit (Son)
Delle Seyah Kendry (Wife)
Occupation Hullen

Queen of the Quad Planetary System

Actor Hannah John-Kamen
Jordana Blake (Young Aneela)
First How to Kill Friends and Influence People
Last Last Dance

Aneela Kin Rit is a recurring character appearing in Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5 of Killjoys.

She is portrayed by actress Hannah John-Kamen and by Jordana Blake as a child.


Aneela is the daughter of Khlyen and Yalena Kin Rit, heir to Land Kin Rit, the former prisoner of the Hullen, and current ruler of the Quad alongside her wife Delle Seyah Kendry.

Centuries before the events of the show, Khlyen left Qresh to colonize Arkyn. He took Aneela with him, and she was one of the first to be infected with the Green Plasma.[1] Unfortunately, she was young and her brain was still maturing. While she survived the physical transformation, it damaged her brain, causing her to act out in violent ways because she could not control her emotions or her impulses. After her transformation, she began to hear "the Lady who lives in the Green" speaking to her, and at one point confided in her father that she told her that she could no longer trust him. After this, Khlyen locked her away and isolated her from any plasma, preventing the Lady from communicating with her.

Birth of Yala (Dutch)

Over time Aneela became lonely, and used the plasma from her own body to revisit her happy memories as a way to cope with her loneliness. Eventually she became so lonely that watching wasn't enough, and she brought a younger version of herself out of her plasma and into the real world. She named the child Yalena, after her mother. When she told Khlyen about Yalena, he forcibly removed her memories in order to protect them both from the Lady. He placed the stolen memories in a storage container called the Remnant and intended to kill Yalena, but she reminded him so much of Aneela that he was unable to do it. Instead, he began training her.[2]

Aneela established a laboratory on Arkyn, where she began to experiment with the process to create other Hullen. She thought that the way the plasma bonded with its hosts was inefficient, and believed that if she improved this process she could find a way to shut off her emotions, thereby fixing her emotional instability. Sometime later, the Scarbacks travelled to Arkyn to fight her. They were unsuccessful, but one monk was able to steal one of her plasma trees and escape. She later recovered the tree and hid it in secret in Archive.[3] The other monks were used as test subjects, and the event became part of Scarback scripture. In the scriptures, Aneela was called Prat-tal, meaning "The Devil" in Old Word. She led the Hullen from her space cruiser the Armada, but in reality was being carefully controlled by them while they learned from her studies and experiments with the plasma.


When Aneela became Hullen, she retained her free will but became emotionally unstable, with her impulse control destroyed. This caused her to act out, often violently. She desired to find a way to fix herself and to understand why she was so different from the other Hullen, which led her to begin the Red 17 experiments. Aneela also has an extreme fear of being alone and a poor understanding of human social cues due to being locked away by Khlyen for hundreds of years.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Hullen, Aneela possesses superhuman strength and regenerative capabilities. She also has the ability to manipulate the plasma within other Hullen, allowing her to psychokinetically strangle them or cause them to bleed from the ears[4], and is capable of pulling people and things out of the green plasma into the physical world. It is also hinted that she can see astral forms: in "The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord," she was the only one able to see D'avin when he projected his consciousness aboard the Armada.

Given that she is the only Hullen to have these abilities, it can be assumed that they were a side effect of her transformation occurring before her brain reached maturity.



Dutch is a duplicate of Aneela's younger self, brought into the real world from Aneela's memories. Because she was created from Aneela's plasma, she is also her chiral, which means that they have the same genetic makeup, only mirrored. She was created as Aneela's chance for happy memories and as a way for Khlyen to be given a second chance to raise her. However, Aneela and Dutch's memories of each other were erased in an effort to protect them from the Lady. After discovering the truth about her origins, Dutch feels abandoned by Aneela, and decides to confront her and restore her memories. When her memories are restored, Aneela becomes protective of Dutch and no longer wants to kill her, with the two deciding to work together to defeat the Lady.

Delle Seyah Kendry

Aneela has a close relationship with Delle Seyah Kendry, with the latter becoming her confidant and later her lover after becoming Hullen. Aneela affectionately refers to Kendry as her "tether," as she helps her control her impulses and adjust to human social cues. By the end of the series, Aneela and Kendry take back Land Kin Rit and rule the Quad together while raising their son Jaq.


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