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The smallest of Qresh’s moons, Arkyn was the first moon the Company attempted to terraform. Things went horribly wrong in the colonization effort.[1] The catastrophe of the terraforming project on Arkyn was the motivation for the construction of bunkers on the other moons of the Quad, in case of a possible environmental disaster.[2] While there are many stories about Arkyn, little is actually known about the moon.

Locations on Arkyn


Red 17 Facility on Arkyn

Red 17 Facility - A secret base is maintained by the RAC's Red 17 program, which trains Reclamation Agents to be Level 6 operatives. The facility is built into the walls of a frozen crater on the moon, with several hangars and towers.[3] The facility and the moon are protected by a defensive shield that has high levels of beta radiation. A special device is installed in Black Root spacecraft that allows them to pass through the shield unharmed.[4] The Red 17 facility was abandoned and demolished by the Black Root to cover their tracks after Khlyen compromised their security. Prior to the destruction of the facility Khlyen was able to send a transmission to the Prodigy School, where it was accidentally downloaded into the brain of a student.[5]

Olan's Writing S2E8

Olan's writings

Research Lab - An ancient, abandoned lab originally used for Green Plasma experiments before the Red 17 facility. The entrance was hidden under a river which dried up after the ecological disaster on Arkyn. Dutch, D'av, and Alvis were able to find the research lab after deciphering the writings of Olan that represented the last transmission from the Red 17 Facility.[6]

Locations near Arkyn

Asteriod Belt Still Epsiode 5 001

Asteroid Belt - near Arkyn is a dense ring of asteroids.[7]

The derelict ship Aegir was found by Johnny in the asteroid belt and he and Dutch were able to execute a Claim and Clear Warrant to salvage the ship.


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