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Baby, Face Killer
Season 4, Episode 6
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Air Date        August 24, 2018
Written By       Julie Puckrin
Directed By       Stefan Pleszczynski
Greening Pains
O Mother, Where Art Thou

Baby, Face Killer is the sixth episode of Season 4 of Killjoys, as well as the thirty sixth episode of the series.

The episode aired on August 24, 2018 on Syfy and Space.

Dutch trains Jaq to fight an unstoppable enemy as Pree and Fancy look for the missing Gared.


Dutch and Johnny have procured the services of a memory miner on Utopia, and he's identified the one memory over which there seems to be a discrepancy: the assassin.

On Lucy, Delle Seyah is teaching her son all about the etiquette of the Quad’s royalty. She's also given him a name, Ozzman, and a device that will allow him to notify her if he's ever in trouble. But it's got to be their little secret.

Johnny does some digging on the assassin and finds that... there's not much to dig up: the woman's history has been all but scrubbed clean. It's like she never existed at all. However Johnny’s digging has alerted a Hunter.

Meanwhile, Zeph has sedated Pippin, and is tirelessly trying to figure out what's wrong with him that would make him kidnap a kid. If she doesn't figure out the problem soon, Dutch and D'av are going to exile Pip from the ship... or worse. So it's a rude awakening when Zeph finds a parasite prope (aka a huge spider) deep within his brainstem — a devilishly hard place to reach without killing the host.

And Dutch feels the reverberations of Aneela getting beaten by the Lady back in the green. Time is running out.

The Hunter shows up on Utopia at the memory miner's office, killed him, then used his body to transmit a message to the Killjoys, luring them into a trap.

In Old Town, Pree finds the Derelict Man who's been abetting the Hullen (marking doors of kids for the Hullen to kidnap). He knows next to nothing. So Fancy Lee scans the hand he uses to mark doors to set a trap for the Hullen.

D'av is back on Utopia for all of thirty seconds before he's confronted by the Hunter, and knocked out cold. But before he scrams, he takes D'av's PDD, and uses it to track Dutch. She is on the station using the time to train Ozzman on some fighting and general defense skills. The Hunter emerges from the office, intent on killing Dutch with a dart across the room. Dutch and Ozzman are being pursued and it's not long before Ozzman runs straight into the stranger's arms, and is taken hostage. But the Hunter has no use for the kid — he wants Dutch. Just then, Johnny and D'av arrive, and D'av shoots the stranger in the side, but the Hunter escapes.

Zeph has taken Pip on a Black Root ship headed back to the armada — far from the kid, and close to her medical supplies. In the interim, she can operate on him, and try to kill the parasite. But it's damn hard, and she might even end up killing Pip.

Back in the Quad, Pree has volunteered to be bait for the Hullen that are kidnapping kids. A false flag is put on one house, where the Hullen are lured. They arrive, alright, but end up prodding Pree and taking him away.

Knowing this Hunter is a trained, professional assassin like the one in her memory, Dutch invokes the rules of the White Blade — a parlay type truce. In talking with him, she comes to realize that the organization he works for might be in the employ of the Lady. That's when the truce is cut short, and a knife fight ensues between the two. Dutch is in a pretty compromised position, and about to be taken out, when young Ozzman comes up behind her assassin and stuns him in the back, saving her.

Zeph succeeds in disrupting the spider probe's communication, but not in removing it from the brain altogether. That's because it's actually fused to Pip's brainstem. More bad news: the spider has a short life outside of the green, which means that when it dies, Pip might die too. There's a slim hope that if they can get back to the armada, Zeph can use her more advanced equipment to fix this. But again, slim hope.

Dutch is planning to torture their captured assassin for information about the Lady when Ozzman interrupts them. She decides to use this as a learning opportunity but D'av shows up, is rightly infuriated, and puts a stop to the whole thing. While D'av and Dutch argue, the assassin took cyanide, and his suicide takes effect. Whatever information he had about the Lady is lost to them now.

The Hullen have taken Pree back to the RAC Cruiser, where all the others are being held. Fancy Lee and Turin are watching through Pree's camera, but it's hard to watch: it's a carnage carnival.

D'av is pretty fed up with the way that Dutch has been training Ozzman. And so has Ozzman. He's freaked out that he seems to be able to see the future (he knew about the attack on Utopia, he knew the assassin was going to kill himself). And he also wants to change his name to Jaq (short for Jaqobis). Well, those were the magic words, because D'av decides to, without telling anyone, take Jaq off the ship. To where, though?

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[Delle Seyah is teaching Jaq about Qreshi table manners.]

Do not use your hands. I know you are only 2 days old but you did learn English in 15 minutes.

[Fancy and Pree are discussing how to rescue Gared.]

Pree: Never send a Killjoy to do a warlord's job. Guess I have to rescue Gared myself.

[Pree is getting his gun ready.]

Fancy: Maybe you didn't hear me over the sound of you going off half-cocked.

Pree: Ohh fuzzy face! That was full-cocked.

[Dutch is teaching Jaq self-defence.]

Jaq: John says you can kick someone's ass without even being in the same room. Am I gonna learn that?

Dutch: Training starts with a solid defense.

Jaq: What about leather pants? Shouldn't training starts with leather pants?

[D'avin and Johnny are talking about Jaq.]

D'avin: He's been alive for 2 days and I haven't stop worrying about him for a single second. I just... I... I don't know how to dad. An entire human being just parachuted into my life and I'm responsible for it.

Johnny: I get why you're worried but come on D'av you got this. Cause you were a great dad to me. Although... Did abandon me, get me stabbed, mule kicked, send me Hullenised... Too soon?

D: Yeah probably.

J: Sorry.