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Bellus Haardy
Bellus Haardy.jpg
Gender Female
Relationships Dutch (Broker)
John Jaqobis (Broker)
D'avin Jaqobis (Broker)
Occupation Warrant Broker
Actor Nora McLellan
First Bangarang
Last Heart-Shaped Box

Bellus Haardy is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 and Season 2 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Nora McLellan.


Bellus Haardy was a top Killjoy who then became a warrant broker on Leith. She maintains her office in the Leith Bazaar.

She acts as a broker for Dutch and her team and informed Dutch that she had taken a Kill Warrant even though Dutch did no such thing.[1] When it becomes clear that John Jaqobis took a kill warrant above his rank she puts two and two together but doesn't report him to the RAC. When Dutch doesn't complete the Kill Warrant she smacks Dutch on the head to knock some sense into her. She tells Dutch that she could turn Johnny in or better yet complete the kill warrant. When Dutch explains the situation Bellus is sympathetic and gives Dutch information that could help save her and D'avin. Though she espouses the belief that Johnny is too soft to be in their line of work.

She questions why Dutch would take on a Level 3 Warrant for N'oa and Johnny, however she provides the necessary fake personal documents and credentials for the two Killjoys.[2] Later she hosts Delle Seyah in her office while she waits for Dutch. Bellus doesn't warn Dutch that she has one of The Nine inside and instead finds it amusing when Dutch accidentally insults the Nine in front of Seyah Kendry.[3]

After D'avin's brutal assault on Dutch and Johnny due to being manipulated by Dr. Pim Jaegar, she punches D'avin for hurting Dutch, and then dispatches Dutch and D'avin on a Level 1 Warrant which turns out to be a setup by John to resolve the personal issues between them so that they can be a team again.[4]

When Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin plan to infiltrate the RAC Cruiser to track down Khlyen, Bellus dug deep to get the team blueprints of the RAC's headquarters ship. [5]

Bellus survived the Leith Bazaar Massacre telling Johnny and D'avin that it happened so fast she did not even have time to get her gun. Afterward, she let the brothers know what she had heard about the urban legend of Level 6 Reclamation Agents.[6]

When Dutch and Johnny are trying to find technology to get them through the defense shield on Arkyn, she tells them about the Connaver Gang and points them to Eulogy, the last known location of the technology the gang used to get past the defensive shield.[7]


Bellus is as tough as nails, sarcastic and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. She does have a soft spot for Dutch though as she is unhappy when D'avin Jaqobis "hurts her girl".[8]


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