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Black Root
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Information Black Root officers capturing Khlyen


The Black Root are the Hullen secret police for Level 6 Agents. They are assigned to keep Level 6 agents in line, terminating them when necessary.[1] Black Root officers are deadly in any situation and carry a stun baton and a Dreadnought for use against Level 6 agents.

Black Root officers support the Red 17 program and started as Level 6 agents themselves.


Khlyen was a Black Root officer and rose through the ranks of the organization.[2] As a high-level member of the Black Root he gave orders and mission assignments to officers.[3]

After discovering that D'avin Jaqobis is immune to the Level 6 conversion process, Khlyen decided to rebel against the Black Root. He was captured, sedated, and placed in a cryopod for transport to "the Lady", who is implied to be a high-ranking member of the organization.[4]

Known Black Root Officers