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Information Falcon Class spaceship


The Falcon Class is an advanced technology spaceship developed by the Hullen and used by the Black Root. The Black Root have a large number of these spacecraft and use them as transports for Black Root and as armed security craft to protect the various Black Root and Red 17 installations and assets.[1]

Ship Interior

The interior of these ships is sparse and brightly lit.

Khlyen and Fancy Lee used one of these ships to travel to Telen to question D'avin and Johnny's father, Marris Jaqobis. Later, after Khlyen died cleansing Fancy and leaving the ship abandoned, Johnny and Clara took advantage of its lack of ownership when he went on the run after shooting Delle Seyah Kendry.

After Khlyen died, there was an additional fleet of these ships found hidden under a shield in Westerley. D'avin unknowingly takes one of these ships to a radiation scorched planet looking for The Remnant in The Hullen Have Eyes. Later, when one of the inaccessible ships was brought inside for analysis, Zeph identified some radiation consistent with recent travel. D'avin came close to the ship to look at information Zeph was showing him and the door opened. When inside, Zeph and Johnny point out the biological level of complexity the ship's interface functions on. The team access the last coordinates of the last place the ship travelled, and go there. D'avin's genetic material is what prompts the ship to fly.

When the multiple ships come into proximity, they form a neural link so a single pilot can control the fleet. This is considered both an offensive and defensive attribute as you can take any ship out without losing formation. However, while a basic human can fly a ship solitary, they would not be able to fly the ships as a formation because their brain needs to have been Hullen-wired for it to work. The Cleansed can fly the ships, though, because they do have that important structural difference.[2]

Behind the Scenes

A scale model of the Falcon Class Black Root ship is available through the use of 3D print files.