Blame it on the Rain
Season 5, Episode 2
Killjoys s5
Air Date        July 26, 2019
Written By       Nikolijne Troubetzkoy
Directed By       Peter Stebbings
Run, Yala, Run
Three Killjoys and a Lady

Blame it on the Rain is the second episode of Season 5 of Killjoys, as well as the forty second episode of the series.

This episode aired on July 26, 2019 on Syfy and Space.

Awake from the memory matrix, Dutch is determined to wake her friends and stop The Lady, before it's too late.


When we last left Dutch, she was ministering to Zeph, who had just been shot in the gut and in need of some immediate medical attention, which is hard to come by in Westerley. So Dutch goes to Turin (who is now working the back alleys of Westerley peddling illicit substances) and procures some antibiotics and other goodies. When he demands payment, Dutch takes off.

She reappears shortly thereafter back to Zeph's lair, and proceeds to perform surgery on a laid out Zeph. Is Dutch qualified or prepared to perform surgery on Zeph? Not a chance. Will she? (That's a yes.)

Speaking of Pree, as a RAC agent he issues a black warrant for the arrest of Dutch, and puts a bounty on her head. He makes the announcement at the bar where Dutch used to work (and also that Pree owned) in front of all the guests. It's a race to the bottom, folks. Pree tells Johnny that in addition to her current crime, Dutch is also under arrest for killing her last husband. This is news to Johnny. So the jilted husband goes to D'av and strikes a deal: together they'll work to find Dutch, and bring her back alive, before Pree and the other bounty hunters get her... dead.

Meanwhile, The Lady is switching skins. She's ditched the young girl model for something a bit older. And she's flipping out that she can't find Dutch or Aneela, and that Khlyen is being so gosh darn unhelpful.

Johnny and D'av drop by Turin and ask if he's seen Dutch. He has, but he wants to punch Johnny as revenge for his wife's stealing from him before he talks. Wish granted. After, Turin tells the guys that she must be off with Zeph (aka Stinky Raincoat!), and also where they might find them.

In her lair, Zeph regains consciousnesses, and immediately gets put back to work by Dutch. If her calculations are right, the Lady's eco-terrorism/terraforming will kill everyone in 27 days. 27 days! If they can destroy some of the pollution factory centers, they might be able to buy some time.

Johnny ditches D'av after he starts taking sh*t about Dutch, and he follows a trail of drainage right to Zeph's hiding spot. Sneaky Johnny. Zeph hides under her desk as soon as Johnny gets there. He's beside himself at what he sees, and what he thinks his wife is getting into. He finds a tablet, and steals it.

D'av catches up with Dutch, and is ready to apprehend her when she turns the tables on him. She kisses him, disarming him, while she waits for his memory to start to come back and his contamination bracelet to fire off. Then she runs off.

Johnny and D'av reunite, and realize that Dutch isn't who they thought she was, but that maybe neither are they. Before Dutch left D'av, she slipped him a tablet with some information about The Lady's gas factories. The two guys put their heads together to figure out the connection.

And Zeph and Dutch are trying out Zeph's invention, a protein blocker that could help people resist the memory gas flooding the atmosphere. She tries it on herself. Zeph lets the memories rush back in, and she's herself again. Dutch finds Johnny and D'av in one of the factories and does the same thing to them. It's the Killjoys, people!

After, Dutch separates from the guys, and gets to destroying The Lady's species, contained in boxes in the factories. Looks like in terraforming Westerley, The Lady was preparing the moon for colonization. But killing all those little creatures has angered her, and also shut down some of the power on Westerley.

This makes it tricky for our heroes to escape from the factory (with an unconscious Pree that the boys knocked out when they cought him following them), and they're encircled by guards. And Zeph, while trying to fix her mainframe, gets caught in the chemical rain. And when she regains composure... she's forgotten everything. She had time to carved some symbols on her arm before the rain took effect so hopefully she won't take too long to remember.[1]

Cast & Characters

Main Cast

Guest Stars

Additional Cast

  • Austin Ball as Hatchling Guard
  • Alanna Bale as The Lady
  • Chris Violette as Mark
  • Brianna Goldie as Not-Dutch Woman
  • Nick Alachiotis as Psycho-Eyes




Executive Producers




[Message on speakers heard through Old Town]

"A shower a day keeps the toxins away."

[Dutch is trying to pay for Zeph's meds to Turin with some unusual old school tech.]

Turin: What the dusty shit is that?

Dutch: Vintage.

Turin: So are my balls, honey, but that don't buy me dinner.

[Two RAC agents (Fancy Lee and an unnamed agent) are on the street as Dutch walked by and took Fancy's gun out of his back pocket.]

Fancy: Hey! Why'd grab my ass?

Unnamed Agent: What? I didn't.

F: Well, it didn't grab itself.

UA: You're not even my type, man.

F: I'm everyone's type. It's a curse.

UA: You're kind of an asshole, you know that?

F: Hey. Sexy people have feelings too.

[D'avin and Johnny just got their memories back and are at the factory walking with Dutch ready to destroy it.]

D'av: Not to get super emo here, but were you guys, like, married, married?

Johnny: What happens between a man and his wife is none of your business.

D'av: Well, if his wife is my girlfriend...

Dutch: [Dutch turning around surprised]  Am I your girlfriend?

D'av: Well, are you... not my girlfriend?

Dutch: It's just sounds so... young. And I've, you know, killed people with forks.

Johnny: Mmm this is awkward. Have you guys not have the "talk"?

D'av: No! Because we're adults.

Johnny: Oh, adults, really? Because you're the one that kept hitting on my fake wife, hoss.

D'av: While under the influence of an evil extraterrestrial being.

Johnny: Just saying it shows poor character.

Dutch: [...]  Move now, bitch later.


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