Bombing of Old Town
Bombing of Old Town 3
Information Bombers over Old Town


The bombing of Old Town is a result of a conspiracy between members of The Nine, the RAC and the Company.

The Leith Bazaar Massacre and the assassination of several members of The Nine[1] were falsely blamed on the Westerley resistance[2], giving the Company political cover to brutally crush the resistance in Old Town, much like they did in Sugar Point[3].


The extent of the damage and casualties in Old town is currently unknown. Alvis Akari and Pawter Simms escaped to the bunkers and Pree was among the refugees who evacuated on Lucy. The Rat King and Rena came up from the tunnels into the open air because they were tired of being below ground. Hills Oonan was last seen drinking in the Royale before he was knocked over from the shockwave from a bomb hitting a nearby building.[4]

Hills in the Royale episode 10

Hill's final drink

Rat King and Rena

the Rat King and Rena

After the bombing Old Town the Company surrounded the city with a wall, much like they did with Sugar Point.[5]


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