Carleen Still Episode 7 001
Gender Female
Relationships John Jaqobis (client)
Occupation Tech Pirate
Actor Danka Scepanovic
First Kiss Kiss Bye Bye
Last Escape Velocity

Carleen is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Danka Scepanovic.


A tech pirate who operates on Utopia, a black market space station. She specializes in fringe biotech and providing black market tech implants.

John Jaqobis sought her help to fix the Neural Link that Khlyen had given to Dutch.[1] After repairing the device she was able to help Dutch find Khlyen through use of a neuro scanner she had built.[2]

Carleen's neural scanner

Helping Dutch locate Khlyen

She was killed by Khlyen because he believed that she had the liquid substance from the super computer on the RAC Cruiser. Before he killed her, he learned that John is actually in possession of the substance.[3]


Carleen tattoos

Carleen's tattoos

Carleen is a tech-savvy hacker and it shows in her enthusiasm and knowledge of advanced technology. She has a cool demeanor with a laid back attitude. She is a cross between Gothic and Punk in terms of her attitude and attire, with circuit board inspired tattoos.


Killjoys: Season 1
Kiss Kiss Bye Bye (appears) Enemy Khlyen (appears) Escape Velocity (appears)


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  2. Enemy Khlyen
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