Clara (Hackmod)
Clara and Alice
Gender Female
Relationships The Connaver Gang (Slave)
Yoki (friend)
John Jaqobis (friend)
Olli (new self)
Occupation Slave
Actor Stephanie Leonidas
First Dutch and the Real Girl
Last How to Kill Friends and Influence People

Clara is a recurring character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Stephanie Leonidas.


Clara is a "Hackmod," a person modified with cybernetic implants. The Connaver Gang won her in trade for a debt a few years ago. When they came to take her, Clara's brothers did nothing to stop them.[1]

Cybernetic Implants

Once the Connavers had Clara they took her directly to The Factory, a black clinic where they alter people past legal limits with no questions asked. The Connavers had a device implanted in Clara that allowed them to pass through the defensive shield around Arkyn, then added other cybernetics so she could protect the device. In addition to the shield device, Clara has bionic ears giving her very sensitive hearing and can directly interface with computers systems. She also has two interchangeable cybernetic right arms, one the looks like a normal arm and one that has multiple weapons integrated into it.

While at the Factory Clara met Yoki, who was also owned by the Connaver Gang and was being modified. Yoki was able to escape the Connaver Gang and gain her freedom, eventually ending up in Rat City.[2]

Clara is more than 26% modified, which is illegal in the Quad. She is not even considered a person under the Company Law.


Alice with Grenade launcher deployed

Clara and Alice

Alice is the name of Clara's weapon arm. It is equipped several weapons, including a tri-barrel projectile weapon and a grenade launcher. Alice is also fitted with a Friendly Fire block. If Clara attempts to use Alice against the Connavers she gets a 500-volt shock to her brain which will knock her out.

Escape from Eulogy

The Connaver Gang had used Clara as collateral for gambling in Eulogy and she was chained in a secure storage area. Dutch found Clara in the storage area there, realized that Clara was the device she needed to get through Arkyn's defensive shield, and convinced Clara to help her get to Arkyn, freeing her from her chains. Dutch, John, and Pree shot their way out of Eulogy, taking Clara with them. Clara was shot during the breakout but recovered. She interfaced her shield device to Lucy and they were able to make it through the shield and land on Arkyn to rescue D'avin. Back on Leith after the rescue, Clara said her goodbyes to the Killjoys but let them know that that they should call her if they needed her again.[3]

Johnny's Journey

Lucy contacted Clara to help Johnny after he shot Delle Seyah Kendry. Johnny left Dutch and D'avin to keep them from being dragged into the consequences of his actions, and he and Clara stole a Black Root ship and left The Quad.[4]

While roaming across the J Star Cluster, Johnny and Clara were separated when she needed to find Yoki in Rat City to find out how to take down The Factory. Yoki told her of the illegal skin morphing tech that Niko was using and how Niko was attacking and killing Hackmod owners for their skin. Clara freaked out and started causing trouble. Niko found out and told Yoki that she had to make Clara disappear. So Yoki did, just not the way that Niko meant. Yoki used the skin of Abel Connaver, who used to own the both of them, to re-skin Clara and installed a memory jammer so that Clara could not remember who she was, other than her name was Olli.[5]


Killjoys: Season 2
Dutch and the Real Girl (appears) How to Kill Friends and Influence People (appears)
Killjoys: Season 3
Boondoggie (mentioned) A Skinner, Darkly (mentioned)


Clara's mechanical arm was a practical prosthetic built specifically to fit Stephanie Leonidas, it took over an hour to put it on each shooting day. Stephanie did all of her own stunts because there was only one prosthetic arm and it did not fit the double. [6]


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