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Constance Still episode 4 001.png
Gender Female
Relationships Land Lahani (Vessel)
Occupation Vessel
Actor Chloe Rose
First Vessel
Last Vessel

Constance is a character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Chloe Rose.


Constance is a Leithian Vessel, a member of a program that provides surrogates for the Nine families. Constance carried and gave birth to the heir to Land Lahani.[1]

When it became known that the only heir to Land Lahani was being carried by a Vessel, another family attempted to capture Constance. The abbey on Leith that supported the Vessel program was attacked and most of the inhabitants killed. Constance, Clara, Jenny, Gwen and several other vessels were sequestered in a secret facility in the Badlands on Westerley. Dutch, John Jaqobis, and D'avin Jaqobis accepted a transfer warrant from Delle Seyah Kendry to find, protect, and deliver Constance and the baby to her on Qresh.

Dutch, John, and D'avin found Constance and the other Vessels in the Badlands through information provided by Alvis Akari. They were able to rescue the young women from attackers and get Constance to Qresh in time to give birth to the baby there.

After giving birth to the baby on Qresh she delivered the baby to Delle Seyah Kendry, who would become the baby's guardian. Constance was offered the opportunity to stay with the baby as a nanny, however she chose to return to the Vessel program as a guardian for the young woman who were Vessels.

Physical Appearance

Constance is a young woman who might be taken as naïve and pampered as a Vessel, however she grew up on a Leith farm and is accustomed to hard work and skilled in the use of firearms.


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