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Containment Fence
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Information Old Town Containment Fence


A containment fence provides an electro containment force to manage access and egress to an area. The fence includes a scanning and monitoring system to identify and approve requests to move through the fence.

Scan readout display

The fence can provide vocal communications and can also project information across the barrier’s surface. The system also has the ability to stun individuals attempting to pass through the barrier or that it identifies as a threat.[1]

Mood Control Technology

Containment Fence controls

The containment fence provides a technology platform for implementation of Afferent Teleplasticity, using electromagnetic radiation (EMR) to disrupt thought patterns of those within the wall.[2] The containment fence emits EMR and high pitched audio signals to modify people’s moods, creating feelings ranging from mild depression to blissful satisfaction to manic rage.

Known Uses

The Company placed a containment fence around Old Town after the city was bombed. It is monitored and controlled from a compound located at Spring Hill just outside of Old Town. The controls for the fence are kept in Liam Jelco's private office.

Jelco's plan

While being held at Spring Hill, Pawter Simms found Liam Jelco's plans to place containment fences around all the cities of Westerley.[3] The Company and The Nine intend to use the containment fence technology to prepare the residents of The Quad for the Hullen.[4]