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Coren Jeers
Killjoys CoreenJeers.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships N/A
Occupation Smuggler
Actor Dmitry Chepovetsky
First Bangarang
Last A Bout, A Girl

Coren Jeers is a recurring character appearing in Season 1 and Season 5 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Dmitry Chepovetsky.


Coren Jeers is a crime boss who lives in the Badlands of Westerley. Johnny and Dutch are sent to capture him as part of a warrant. He is thoroughly impressed by the Killjoys and even offers John a job as they are processing him at the Prisoner Intake Facility, which of course he declines.[1]

While serving his sentence in Westhole Prison, he is visited by John and questioned as to how to find Big Joe, a RAC Agent that is now the subject of a Black Warrant. It takes a little persuading but in the end Coren assists John by telling him how to track down Big Joe.[2]


Killjoys: Season 1
Bangarang (appears) One Blood (appears)
Killjoys: Season 5
Ship Outta Luck (appears) A Bout, A Girl (appears)