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D'avin Jaqobis
Davin featured.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships John Jaqobis (Brother)
Sharleen Mandy (Third cousin; first kiss)
Dutch (RAC Partner, sexual relationship Seasons 1-4,Girlfriend Season 5)
Pawter Simms (Sister-in-law, ex-sexual relationship)
Pree (Friend)
Sabine (Ex-sexual relationship)
Jaqobis Kin Rit (Biological Son)

Aneela Kin Rit (Biological Mother of Jaq,Sister of Dutch,Wife of Delle Seyah Kendry)

Delle Seyah Kendry (Surrogate for Jaq as a fetus, Other Mother of Jaq, Wife of Aneela Kin Rit, Sister in Law of Dutch)

Occupation Killjoy (Formerly Level Four Agent)
Killjoy in the New RAC
Actor Luke Macfarlane
First Bangarang
Last Last Dance

"I don't fit in anywhere else. I'm not cut out to be a civilian and I'm done being a soldier. I'm not good at a lot of things, but I'm good at that. And I would be good for the RAC."

- D'avin[1]

D'avin Jaqobis is a main character appearing in Season 1, Season 2, Season 3Season 4 and Season 5 of Killjoys.

He is portrayed by actor Luke Macfarlane.

D'avin was a member of RAC team 25698-A[2], one of the top teams of bounty hunters in the Quad.

Now they are agents in the New RAC formed to chase and track down The Lady's children which have been scattered all across the Quad.


D'avin is many things – handsome, uber masculine, sarcastic, incredibly loyal – but he is one thing above all: a born soldier. He dreamed of enlisting since boyhood, and his hard-won expertise in tactics, maneuvers and hand-to-hand combat make him an instant asset to the Killjoy team. [3]

D'avin Jaqobis grew up on Telen with his younger brother, John Andras Jaqobis.[4] When D'avin was younger he had a fairly close relationship with his brother. As kids they went skating together at Kipsee.[5] One time when the brothers were ice skating a "mean fat" kid named Randy, whom they both hated and who used to steal their skates, fell through the ice, D'avin jumped in to rescue him without a second thought.


At some point when they were kids D'avin stole one of John's favorite Captain Apex comic books to trade, but told him he lost it. Johnny "never forgave him for that."[6]

D'avin does not have fond memories of his father. In fact, his favorite childhood memory is of the time that their dad disappeared for a month describing it as "quiet." An old family joke shared among the Jaqobis is that there are "space rats," which was their father's attempt to scare his kids out of leaving. John speculates that he was trying to keep D'avin from joining the Nova Cadets.[7] It is later revealed that D'avin did not join the Nova Cadets by choice; he was forced to by his father but did not tell Johnny. It didn't work. Nine years prior to the start of the series, D'avin joined the Nova Cadets and lost contact with his family a year afterwards.[8] He did well in the military, achieving the rank of Second Shield of the Royal Syndicate of the Sky Born unit.[9]

It is unclear when the military made him a subject of an experiment via mind control. The initial intention was a proof of concept for turning a soldier against their own, according to Dr. Pim Jaegar.[10] The experiment was unsuccessful and resulted in D'avin taking out his team. After the project was deemed a failure, he was discharged from the military and his memories were erased. However, he experienced residual memories from the event and, presumably confused, decided to track down Dr. Jaegar. He found her once on their home world, which prompted her to go to The Quad, now working for The Company. The Company initiated a kill warrant on him in case he came to the Quad and sought her out again.

D'avin continued to look for Dr. Jaegar, traveling under the alias of Kobee Andras as he traveled to the the Quad on a slaver ship as an indentured fighter.[11] He is surprised when Johnny enters the ring as a new opponent. Johnny saw the kill warrant on his brother and signed up for it under Dutch's name in an attempt to rescue him and keep him from being killed. As D'avin and John fight in the ring, John asks where he has been and tells D'av that their mother has died of Quinsy.

Meanwhile, Dutch has arrived on the ship in order to keep Johny from getting into trouble for accepting a warrant above his level, and sees that Fancy Lee is also assigned to the kill warrant. Dutch manages to sedate D'avin with a dart before Fancy can kill him with a poisoned blade shot from a launcher. Dutch and Johnny get D'avin back to their ship, Lucy, and take off. Dutch was told by Bellus Haardy that the Company had taken out the warrant on D'av and comes up with a plan to get the warrant dropped and keep Johnny out of trouble. The trio everntaully track down a fugitive and stolen company information and trade the information for removal of the kill warrant.

D'avin helps Dutch and Johnny complete a Hostage Exchange Warrant to retrieve the daughter of a mayor from a gang lord in Sugar Point.[12] After that mission D'avin becomes a Killjoy and a member of the team, working with Dutch and Johnny to serve warrants and collect the bounties.[13] The team rescued a young woman who was pregnant with the heir to Land Lahani[14] of The Nine and returned her and the newborn baby to Qresh. As a top Killjoy team in the Quad, they competed in a Black Warrant to capture Big Joe, a rogue Killjoy wanted for attacking Company ships and stealing their cargo.[15]

Pawter Simms, a doctor in Old Town on Westerley, diagnoses D'av with Stress Response Syndrome from his military service, not knowing that D'avin was the subject of mind control experiments. The team helps D'avin track down Dr. Jaegar and discovers the truth behind D'avin's nightmares, but not before Dr. Jaegar activates the mind control process on D'avin and forces him to attack both Dutch and Johnny.[16]

D'avin and Johnny help Dutch track down Khlyen, who trained her as a child to be an assassin and from whom she escaped six years ago. They track him to the RAC Cruiser[17] and help Dutch infiltrate the ship to find him. While Dutch gains some information from Khlyen, she is not successful in stopping him from stalking her. Eventually, Khylen captures D'avin and takes him to Arkyn to place him in the secret Red 17 program.[18]

Dutch and Johnny track D'avin to Arkyn and after a mission to find the technology they need to get through Arkyn's defensive shield, via Clara's implanted device. D'avin has been placed in the Level 6 procedure by Khlyen so that D'avin could return to Dutch and "protect" her. However, after some Level 6 hallucination memories, his body rejects the procedure and the Green Plasma is aggressively projected away from D'avin's body. Intrigued, Khlyen kills the scientists handling D'avin, removes all traces of his procedure, and helps him get free before the Black Root arrive. D'avin makes his way down to the ground where he meets Dutch and John. Once onboard Lucy, it is confirmed D'avin is not Level 6[19].

After the team joins forces with Turin upon learning that the RAC is not safe and has been taken over by Level 6 Agents, they find themselves in a mine searching for a stranded Killjoy team. The mine is filled with Mossipedes who are causing hallucinations and eating all persons who enter. During the search, D'avin steps on one of the Mossipedes and finds that they are filled with the same plasma that he was injected with on Red 17. He also learns that as he walks towards them, they are repelled and move backwards. This is confirmed when D'avin makes the creature, now John's pet, dance back and forth in its glass box by moving his hands closer and further away.

D'avin goes to the bar to flirt and drink with the new bartender Sabine. Thinking he can't hold his liquor anymore, D'avin faints off the chair. We see flickers of Khlyen's face with his fingers in the Green Plasma. D'avin wakes up on Lucy with Dutch. Dutch suggests he try to take advantage of the connection. Khlyen is using the plasma as a conduit into D'avin's mind to locate the Jaqobis' father to test his genes to see if the Level 6 immunity is inherited. Papa Jaqobis fails the experiment and Khlyen stops short of killing him. Fancy suggests it might be through the mother and Khlyen reaches out again to find her location. When D'avin tries to reverse the perspective, he accidentally forces a "switch" of consciousness which places him in front of Fancy and his own estranged father on Telen. After D'avin electrocutes Fancy unconscious, there is a brief reunion between father and son where D'avin tells his father he left because he didn't want to hurt his father, not the other way around. Dutch uses a massive electrical charge to jump-start the switch and return D'avin and Khlyen to their own bodies. Just before the switch, Khlyen asks Lucy to see D'avin's brain scans and determines his immunity wasn't genetic but an effect of the military implants.

After a brush with death on San Romwell's astroid ship in battle with his robots, D'avin goes to visit Sabine to celebrate surviving the close call. They are making love in her apartment when she begins to convulse and green plasma pours out of every orifice of her body. D'avin calls Johnny to her apartment and the two bring her back to Lucy with the hopes of resuscitating her. When Dutch joins them they realize Sabine is a Level 6 Agent; however, her intimacy with D'avin temporarily forced all the plasma out of her body. Sabine links with D'avin through the plasma to find other agents still working covertly behind the wall. Dutch and Johnny go to investigate the new information while D'avin and Sabine stay onboard the ship. Sabine tells D'avin that he is the first person she has emotionally connected with in a long time, and he plays a drinking game to connect with her in her last human moments. During this time, he places a tracker on her for Dutch to follow.

D'avin finds himself in a fight with a Level 6, which ends with him choked up against a wall. Suddenly, the 6's eyeballs explode, causing plasma to get all over D'avin. Wanting to get control over this ability of his, he later retells the story to Alvis and explains that all he could think about was the man's head blowing up. Alvis cavalierly suggests he not imagine people's heads exploding. Dutch, Alvis and D'avin head to Arkyn following an ancient map and find twelve test subjects, monk scarbacks, who had been pumped full of the Green Plasma. One was found behind a containment wall still alive. After release, the Ancient Monk surged at Dutch calling her Aneela. D'avin tries to pacify the monk without exploding his head and is moderately successful.

Physical Appearance

D'avin is tall with a broad, athletic build and cropped light brown hair. He has dark blue eyes and a strong jawline.

Powers and Abilities

As a result of the military experiments, D'avin has a repulsive effect on the green plasma. He is immune to the Red 17 procedure, and his power has negative effects on Level Sixes: prolonged physical contact with him caused Sabine to forcibly eject the plasma from her body, and he accidentally caused another Six's eyes (and presumably brain) to explode.


John Jaqobis

They are brothers, though when reunited they are distant due to not having seen each other in eight years. They rebuild their relationship over time.


There is seemingly an instant attraction between them when they first meet. It takes a while or the two of them to share a kiss (twice) before sleeping together.[20] John finds out by seeing a trail of clothing leading to D'avin's bedroom.


Upon meeting, D'avin immediately felt a male competition between himself and Alvis because of an obvious history between Alvis and Dutch. Later on he reaches out to Alvis for help controlling his powers.


D'avin meets Sabine while she is tending at The Royale. Her status as a Level 6 agent is not known until they sleep together and their physical closeness results in the Green Plasma being forced from every orifice of her body.[21] They exchange life stories over a drinking game[22] before she is tracked down by Dutch, via a tracker he placed on her, and shot in the head.


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