Gender Female
Relationships John Jaqobis (RAC Partner, best friend, non-sexual Life Partner)
D'avin Jaqobis (RAC Partner, sexual relationship seasons 1-4,Boyfriend Season 5)
Khlyen Kin Rit (Father)
Yalena Kin Rit (Mother)
Aneela Kin Rit (Genetic Identical, Chiral, Original Source, Sister)
Big Joe (RAC Mentor)
Alvis Akari (Friend, ex-lover)
Pree (Friend)
Jaqobis Kin Rit (Genetic Son/Nephew/Brother)
Occupation Killjoy (Level Five Agent) formerly

Killjoy (Level Six Agent) In the New RAC formed to chase and track down The Lady's children which have been scattered all across the Quad

Actor Hannah John-Kamen
Ava Laferriere (Young Dutch)
Maya Lowe (Young Dutch)
Jordana Blake (Young Dutch)
First Bangarang
Last Last Dance
Yalena 'Yala' Yardeen AKA "Dutch" is a central character appearing in Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, and Season 5 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Hannah John-Kamen as well as Maya Lowe as a young girl and Ava Laferriere and Jordana Blake as a child.

Dutch is the leader of RAC team 25698-A[1], one of the top teams of bounty hunters in the Quad.

Dutch in The Royale

"I have a Headache, a Badge, and a Gun. Behave."


Dutch's full name is Yalena Yardeen. She is called Yala by her father Khlyen and her sister Aneela. The nickname Dutch is short for the nickname Duchess which is a nickname her best friend Johnny gave her after she and Johnny finished their first Killjoys mission together. Johnny gave the nickname to her when Dutch said she was no longer a Queen so he couldn't call her by the original nickname he gave her anymore which was Queenie.

A gorgeous, complicated and deadly flirt, Dutch is bold and fun loving on the surface. She has a unique gift for earning people's trust and respect regardless of their class. But under her banter and protective flirtations, there is pain, maturity, and a deep solemnity. As close friends as she is with John when we first meet them, she has always withheld a part of herself, a history of which she is deeply ashamed. [2]

As a child Dutch was told that her family was wealthy, and owned an entire moon at the edge of the J, but lost everything. She was told that she was chosen to join a harem on the planet the family's moon orbited. In Season 3 episode 7 The Wolf You Feed Dutch uses something called The Remnant which Khlyen used to store Aneela's memories of Dutch's birth that he stole from Aneela's head. we learn that this backstory is a lie told to her by her father Khlyen to hide her from her true origins which are that she was created from the green plasma in her sister Aneela's brainstem. Aneela went into her memories using the green plasma she collected from her body to go in and pull a past version of herself out of her own memories. Aneela named that version of herself Yalena after her mother who's name was Yalena. That version of herself then became Dutch. Aneela then took Dutch to the Harem where their father Khlyen worked with the intentions of watching Dutch make happy memories with Khlyen. That intention was never realized because Khlyen wiped Aneela's memories of Dutch to protect both Aneela and Dutch from The Lady  Therefore making it so Aneela left Dutch alone with Khlyen to be trained at the harem as Aneela no longer knew who Dutch was. When Dutch finds this out she feels angry and abandoned by Aneela and in her words felt like she had been thrown away by Aneela. Eventually the sisters make amends though and become close and Aneela becomes a great big sister to Dutch and both Dutch and Aneela and the rest of their friends and family work together to save the galaxy from The Lady.

In the Harem Dutch grew up in she learned the etiquette and skills needed to be the bride of a prince, which was the only way out of the harem.[3] Her father Khlyen also trained her as an assassin and covert operative, teaching her unarmed combat and weapon skills as well as intelligence and interrogation techniques.[4] He taught her to charm the Prince with music through a hypnotic Wedding Song. The sitara he had given her had a paralytic agent on the strings, to which Dutch is immune, and she was taught to use the strings as a garrote. On the day of her wedding to the Prince Khlyen told her the sitara was an instrument of murder, and her husband was his target. If she killed him she could be free.[5] She never got the chance to sing to the Prince, and it is implied that Khlyen killed the Prince.[6][7] This training comes in handy for Dutch on missions where they have to deal with royalty or where Dutch has to pretend to be royalty as she has royal training from her upbringing.

Yalena ran from Khlyen and ended up in the Quad, where she met John Jaqobis, began using the name Dutch, and she and John became Reclamation Agents.[8] They also provide security at Pree's bar, The Royale, for free drinks.[9]

While she takes Warrants across the Quad, Old Town on Westerley is her base of operations. She brokers her warrants through Bellus Haardy on Leith.

Dutch and John Jaqobis, later joined by D'avin Jaqobis, have served many warrants together. They went after Coren Jeers, a criminal boss hiding out in the Badlands of Westerley, on a Level 1 Warrant. They captured Gush on his ship, the Monsoon, and retrieved the cargo he had stolen.[10] The team rescued a young woman who was pregnant with the heir to Land Lahani of The Nine and returned her and the newborn baby to Qresh.[11] They went undercover at a Hokkery to retrieve Vincent Sh'ao, a migrant worker and Jakk grower, from Leith before his work visa expired.[12] As a top Killjoy team in the Quad, they competed in a Black Warrant to capture Big Joe, a rogue Killjoy wanted for attacking Company ships and stealing their cargo.[13]

When Johnny realizes that a Level 5 Warrant has been taken out on his brother D'avin, he accepts the warrant in Dutch's name and travels to the Slaver Ship Arcturus to get him. Dutch finds out about it and helps Johnny in order to keep him from being disciplined by the RAC.[14] D'avin helps Dutch and Johnny complete a Hostage Exchange Warrant to retrieve the daughter of a mayor from a gang lord in Sugar Point. After that mission D'avin becomes a Killjoy and a member of the team.[15]

Khlyen reappears in Dutch's life, threatening to hurt Johnny if she does not resume her relationship as his protégé and help him in several missions.[16] Dutch resists his efforts, but in the end she is pulled into a large scale conspiracy that encompasses the Quad. The political machinations of The Company, The Nine, and the RAC[17] make it hard for Dutch to maintain her neutrality as a Killjoy and not take a stand with the Westerley resistance. When Khlyen captures D'avin and subjects him to the Red 17 program on Arkyn, Dutch vows that she and Johnny will continue to search for D'avin until they find and rescue him.[18] They are able to rescue D'avin from Arkyn, before becoming a Level 6 agent, after finding a way to defeat the defensive shield technology that surrounded the moon.[19]


Dutch is bold, humorous, and fun-loving on the surface but underneath the banter and protectiveness is pain, maturity and a deep solemnity. She can act the dangerous flirt, and has a gift for earning people's trust. She respects others regardless of class. However, she always withhold a part of herself from all but her closest family.

Dutch can also put on a upper-class air with ease, with the etiquette and skills to maneuver the same social circles as the Nine. She learned such traits in the harem she lived in as a child where she was trained to become a queen. She did become a Queen on her home planet Kefree but she ran away on the day of her wedding when her husband was murdered and she was blamed for it. Therefore even though she is no longer royal she can still convincingly act royal as she was trained to do so as a child.

Khlyen trained her as an assassin and covert operative, so she has unarmed combat and weapon skills as well as intelligence and knowledge of tactics and interrogation. He also taught her how to charm through music (as she did to her husband and Prince, through a hypnotic Wedding Song). He also taught her about poison,how to identify them,how to use them properly and efficiently and how to cure herself of poison ailments. 

Physical Appearance

Dutch is medium height, slender and athletic. She has long, dark brown hair which is often worn loose. She has light green eyes are framed by long, dark lashes and highlighted by makeup when she is on the job.


John Jaqobis

Johnny and Dutch's relationship is very sibling-like. They first meet when John attempted to take her ship, Lucy, and Dutch threatened to shoot him in the crotch. There's a bit of animosity from John when he finds out Dutch slept with his brother, D'avin.

D'avin Jaqobis

There is a seemingly instant attraction between the two on first meeting. [20]. It takes a while for them to share a kiss (twice) before sleeping together.[21] John finds out about this by following a trail of clothing leading to D'avin's bedroom.


Khlyen fitted into the role of Dutch's father when she was young. He trained her and taught her how to kill, which eventually lead her to becoming a Killjoy. Their relationship is incredibly strained.

Alvis Akari

Dutch and Alvis have a long relationship together and have at times been lovers.


Dutch is identical to Khlyen's daughter Aneela. Aneela, a leader of the Hullen, is acutely aware of Dutch, having created her through her own Green Plasma. On discovering this, Khlyen removed the memories of the birth from Aneela to protect her from The Lady, and never told Dutch or Aneela how Dutch came to exist.


  • Aneela told Dutch in Wargasm, that their mother's name was Yalena. Aneela named her after their mother.
  • The alias "Dutch" was shortened from "Dutchess" (s4e1) where Johnny calls her a dutchess, since she is no longer a princess, to which she comments that it is a demotion. She liked it enough, though, that it stuck.


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