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Information Eulogy at White Sands

"Beers, bets, and bullets. Eulogy is one big outlaw casino, where everyone wages their stolen goods." – Pree


Located in White Sands on Westerley, Eulogy is an outlaw barter town where criminals go to relax, drink, and gamble. There are two rules for entry: a person must be a known criminal, and they have to bring stolen goods worth gambling.[1]

White Sands on Westerley

All people trying to enter are scanned against prison records throughout the J colonies. Criminals are allowed entry, others are shot dead. The goods that are brought for gambling are scanned and the market value is determined. Gamblers are given a chip with the market value of their goods which they can use in the various games provided in the casino.

The goods that are brought in are stored in a secured area of the compound for later use or sale.

Pree and Johnny at the Casino

Dutch, John, and Pree infiltrated the barter town in order to find a rumored piece of technology that would allow them to breach the defensive shield around Arkyn and rescue D'avin. Pree vouched for Johnny, as he was a known criminal in his past, and they snuck Dutch in. While inside Dutch finds the technology they are looking for but it has been implanted into a woman named Clara, a "hack-mod" with numerous cybernetic implants including the device needed to get through the Arkyn shield. The Connaver Gang had used Clara as collateral for gambling and she was chained in a secure storage area. Dutch, Johnny, and Pree shot their way out of Eulogy, freeing Clara and taking her with them.

Casino Workers



The 3-dimensional virtual poker game Pree and Johnny play in the casino in Eulogy was designed by the art department and has a set of rules for the game.