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Execution Eugenics
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Information Plan for Containment


Execution Eugenics is a technique the Company used with animals during the early days of colonizing the moons of The Quad. First, the animals would be contained, then the Company would introduce a biological contaminant that would wipe out the weak. The end result would leave the strongest stock for breeding.[1]


The Company has experimented with the use of containment fence technology at Greenwell.[2] The containment fence uses Afferent Teleplasticity, the use of electromagnetic radiation to disrupt thought patterns,[3] to modify and control the emotional state of those contained within the electronic fence. The Company uses this technology to manage those trapped within the wall to by keeping them in an emotionally happy state, so they do not notice the toxins introduced in their food that will eliminate the weak of the population.

The Company sent scientists, behaviorists, and engineers to the town to build the wall and observe the effects on the inhabitants. It was a slaughter. The old, sick, the very young - all dead in one day. Afterward the Company took the survivors away.

Use at Old Town

The Company, driven by Delle Seyah Kendry, has taken this concept to higher levels of social control by applying the process to the residents of Westerley in order to create a strong, complacent workforce for company operations. They have walled in Old Town to further test their plan before walling in each city and town on Westerley.[4] The wall keeps the residents complacent and the rations provided to them by the company, containing the additional chemical elements yentazine, lorex, and pytar target the frail and feeble.[5] In the end only the strong will survive in Old Town to fulfill the Nine's plans.

Agreement with the Hullen

The Nine's plan for the inhabitants of The Quad has unfolded over a very long time. Centuries ago the Hullen offered the ancestors of the Nine a deal, eventual assimilation or immediate annihilation. The Hullen allowed the inhabitants of the Quad to live and the Nine to draw as much wealth for the system as they could in exchange for the lives of the people of the Quad, to convert them into Hullen to swell their ranks.

The wall technology was to be used to contain and manipulate the inhabitants of cities, while the Company would reduce the population to only the strongest so that they could survive the transition to Hullen. The labs installed near the cities would use the Red 17 process to change the remaining people to Hullen using the Green Plasma from Arkyn. The result would be new soldiers for Aneela to use to take over the galaxy.[6]