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Fancy Lee
Fancy Lee Still Episode 6 002.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships Khlyen (Level 6 Mentor)
Occupation RAC Agent (Level Six Agent , formerly)

(Level Five Agent, currently)

Actor Sean Baek
First Bangarang
Last Cherchez La Bitch

"Every organization needs a designated asshole. That is my gift to the Killjoy collective. The asshole may not be liked, but he will always be necessary. Because he does what's needed."

- Fancy Lee

Fancy Lee is a recurring character appearing in Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 and Season 5 of Killjoys.

He is portrayed by actor Sean Baek.


One of the RAC’s best Reclamation Agents in the Quad, he is a Level 5 Killjoy. Fancy Lee designs and builds various tools and weapons to help him track and collect his warrants, including bloodhound trackers, homing darts, stun boomerangs, and poisoned blade launchers.

He took over the Level 5 Warrant on D'avin Jaqobis after Dutch failed to meet the deadline for the warrant.[1]

He pursued the Black Warrant against Big Joe, killing him when the warrant was upgraded to Level 5.[2]

Red 17 Program

Fancy Lee undergoing Red 17 medical procedure

Fancy was recruited or taken for the Level 6 program. D'avin Jaqobis sees him in the Red 17 facility on Arkyn undergoing a medical procedure.[3]

Dutch, D'avin, and Johnny confirm that he has been made a Level 6 agent after rescuing D'avin on Arkyn.[4] Later, Fancy shows his new allegiance to Khlyen by rescuing him after was taken by the Black Root.[5]

When Khlyen destroyed the Arkyn Tree Green Plasma pool, Fancy was "cleansed" and he lost all Level 6 abilities and became just human again.[6]


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