Genetic Bomb
Dutch holding the Genetic Bomb
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A gentic bomb is a small, hand-held the weapon developed by the Company. The device may be keyed to a specific DNA pattern and used to wipe out an entire bloodline or target just one person. The weapon reduces the target to a pile of ash without harming non-targets around them.[1]

Big Joe Cyano managed to steal a genetic bomb from the Company, who then put a Black Warrant on him, sending a number of Killjoy teams looking for him. Khlyen also sent Dutch after Big Joe as he wanted the weapon himself. Dutch found Big joe on Leith but before she could recover the weapon they were captured by the Kotler family and taken to their compound.

Innis Kotler, believing the weapon to be a firearm, attempted to fire it in a standoff against Dutch and D'avin. Instead, the device accidentally calibrated through contact with Innis's blood, and released a pulse which disintegrated Innis and his relatives.

This weapon was used by conspirators working with Land Kendry in a coup to take control of the Company by killing their opposing families in the Nine during a meeting in the Ancestral Hall in Medidas City on Qresh, with Delle Seyah Kendry activating the device herself after Dutch kicked it away from the assassin. The attack was then blamed on the Resistance on Westerley in retaliation for the arrest of Alvis Akari for suspected planning and execution of the Leith Bazaar Massacre.[2]


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