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Green plasma
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Green Plasma is a neurobinder[1], and contained within the plasma is an invasive neuroparasite.[2] The neuroparasites within the plasma act as a conduit between connected minds, and can even have them swap consciousness between bodies.[3]

Hullen S2E10

Hullen neuroparasite

As the neuroparasite bonds with its host, it tries to perfect the organisms it invades.

The Hullen

Green Plasma effects S2E10

Hullen parasites bonding with a host's cells

The Hullen are a race of humans bonded with the neuroparasite contained within the green plasma.[4]

The bonding process is performed at the Red 17 facility on Arkyn.

Use by the RAC

The Hullen have infiltrated the RAC through the Level 6 Agent program. They use the plasma as a RAC supercomputer to manage and share information.[5]

Sources of Green Plasma

There are multiple sources of green plasma in the J Star Cluster.

Destroying Green Plasma

Level 6 toxin S2E10

Green Plasma toxin

Khlyen developed a toxin to attack the neuroparasites in the green plasma in order to take down the Black Root and Level 6 Agents. He studied the effects of the military experimentation that was conducted on D'avin to determine how to manipulate the plasma.[9]

Once he determined that he could use the toxin to kill Level 6 agents, he knew he could use it to destroy the plasma itself because pure plasma retains a strong bond with its parent source. Poison the parent, the spawn dies.

Khlyen and Dutch used the toxin against an original plasma tree from Arkyn, however it didn't affect the plasma. Johnny realized after analyzing the level 6 blood had been poisoned with the toxin that the pure plasma's natural defenses against the toxin could be overcome by using a catalyst of human-bonded plasma. Khlyen would have to poison a Level 6 first, and then use the black blood to kill the plasma pool. To do this Khlyen injected himself and used his blood to destroy the green plasma.


The fluid which is used a green plasma on the set is a non-Newtonian fluid. This means that the applied shear rate can change the fluids current and future viscosity. [10]

The effects on Khlyen's green plasma podium in the Red 17 facility are produced with a speaker playing loud bass under bowl with the fluid. [10]


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