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Hector Feraanz
Captian Hector Feraanz.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships Alvis Akari (fellow resistance member)
Occupation Security Officer
Actor Dewshane Williams
First Come the Rain
Last Come the Rain

Hector Feraanz is a character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Dewshane Williams.


Hector Feraanz is a Captain in the Company's security forces in Old Town on Westerley and also a resistance fighter.

During a covert meeting in The Royale, Hector provided Alvis Akari with information that the Company was stockpiling weapons and troops all across Old Town in preparation for a big operation; however they haven’t been told what the operation was. He also gave Alvis the specifications on all the Company storage depots in Old Town as well as the blueprints for the emergency bunkers below the town.[1]


Killjoys: Season 1
Come the Rain (appears)