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Hills Oonan
Hills Oonan Still Episode 2 001.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships None
Occupation Company Security Officer
Actor Frank Moore
First The Sugar Point Run
Last The Warrior Princess Bride

"I don't agree when the Company decides an entire town of people has to die to quell a revolution. Have me court-martialed, send me to prison, I don't care. I saved people. Doing that saved me." - Hills Oonan

Hillary "Hills" Oonan is a recurring character appearing in Season 1, Season 2 and Season 4 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Frank Moore.


Hills Oonan is a Fifth Generation Westerlyn who has worked hard for the Company to ensure his grandchildren will have a better life under the Seventh Generation Accord.[1] He is a senior Company Security Force Officer stationed in Old Town on Westerley.[2]

Hills Oonan was last seen drinking in The Royale during the bombing of Old Town when the blast wave from a nearby bomb shattered the windows.[3] He survived the bombing and was found and treated by Pawter Simms. She also kept him in hiding as Old Town residents were killing Company personnel. Hills took Pawter to the Spring Hill Compound so that she could contact her mother and get The Nine involved on behalf of Old Town residents. When they arrived at the compound Liam Jelco shot Hills in the head as a traitor to the Company.[4]


While he has worked for the Company all his life and has seen the underhanded tactics used by the Company, he is still a Westerlyn at heart. He went against Company orders and warned the residents of Old Town that the Company was going to bomb the city.[5]


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