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J Star Cluster
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Known as “The J”, the J Star Cluster contains a large number of inhabited planets and moons.

Solar Systems within The J

The Quad

The Quad is a system governed by the Company that incudes the planet Qresh and its moons Arkyn, Leith, and Westerley.[1]

United Republic

The United Republic is located in the J out near the Rim. Korel is a system within the United Republic.[2]

The Imperial Marines of the United Republic (IMUR) is the expeditionary military force for this part of the J. There is evidence that IMUR has operated covert military ships in the Quad.


Telen is a ringed planet.[3]

The Crow Nebula

Archive is located in the Crow Nebula.


Muvallah is a planet in the middle of a global war.

Zar Quadrant

The Zar Quadrant has one of the largest RAC Outposts in the J Star Cluster.[4]

Alcador Cluster

A Debtor's Colony is maintained in the Alcador Cluster.[5]

Other locations within The J

The Factory

The Factory is a black market modding clinic where they alter people way past the legal limits, no questions asked.[6]


A town used by the Company to test out the containment wall technology.

Rat City

Rat City is a neutral zone for Hackmods who escape from The Factory.[7]


Ohron is an arctic moon that is the home of the Ferran.[8]

Borian's Belt

Borian's Belt is an asteroid belt that is often used to hide spaceships.[9]

Laryon Station

Laryon Station is a docking port and commerce center in the outer rim of the J Star Cluster[10]