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Jakk, also known as bliss,[1] is a highly addictive street drug made from the Jakk plant and is the worst drug in the Quad.[2] The drug is highly flammable and very toxic if burned.[3] It's typically taken via injection.

Company agents confiscating Jakk

Growing Jakk

Defoliation ships razing a Jakk grow-op

Tactical Scan of defoliation mission

The plant grows in giant pods that hang from trees in the forests of Leith. When Jakk growers are found on Leith, defoliation bombs are dropped from the air to destroy the plants and anyone in the area.[4]

Effects of Jakk use

Pawter holding a vial of Jakk

Long-term Jakk use causes health problems, eventually resulting in chronic pain, followed by death.[5]

Known Jakk Addicts

Dealing in Jakk

R'yo's gang was involved in smuggling jakk to Sugar Point.[6]