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Johnny Dangerously
Season 4, Episode 2
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Air Date        July 27, 2018
Written By       Michelle Lovretta
Directed By       Samir Rehem
The Warrior Princess Bride
Bro-d Trip

Johnny Dangerously is the second episode of Season 4 of Killjoys, as well as the thirty second episode of the series.

The episode aired on July 27, 2018 on Syfy and Space.

With criminals chasing an injured Johnny, D'av and Delle Seyah Kendry take drastic measures to save him.


While Dutch, Aneela and Khlyen were transported to the green space, Johnny, D'avin and Delle Seyah were trapped on the Necropolis elevator drifting through space, to land at a colony in the Alacor Cluster. The trio is befallen by a crew of bandits, and though Delle Seyah and D'avin fend them off, Johnny's punctured lung (thanks to Aneela in the Season 3 finale) takes a beating, and he goes down. Delle Seyah and D'av manage to lug Johnny to a local colony depot replete with medical supplies. They pump him full of adrenaline and get him breathing again.

Meanwhile, on the RAC Cruiser, Zeph and Pippin are preparing to make a daring escape, eluding their Hullen captors.

At the colony, Delle Seyah decides that the only long-term solution to Johnny's injury is to turn him half-Hullen with an injection of the Green Plasma. Johnny permits it for the sake of finding Dutch.

Zeph and Pippin make their escape, and find themselves on the Human controlled Hullen cruiser. Turin gives her a run-down of what's happened since the battle with the Hullen Armada. Zeph is surprised to see that Turin's been stockpiling deactivated Hullen, and that he won't space them because it now rubs against his conscience. She's also doubly surprised to hear that the rest of her team is currently AWOL.

When the Killjoys and Delle Seyah emerge from the operating room, the tribe occupying the depot make them an offer: in exchange for a ship and some supplies, the Killjoys will help them fend off some overseers who'll be arriving any minute to call in some debts they can't pay.

Zeph is having a tough time opening one of Khlyen’s capsules so they can use it to transport them to the Necropolis, and find Johnny, Delle Seyah, and D'avin, and maybe even Dutch.

When the colony overseers arrive, D'avin tries to renegotiate the deal, but it goes awry when one of the laborers tries to throw the Killjoys under the bus. Johnny summons his new Hullen powers to ice all those hostiles with guns, and thinks he's got this figured out: this was a prison colony, and the "laborers" were going to trade their time for the Killjoys'. But he's wrong. It is a farm. An organ farm. With the overseers taken out, their higher-ups are going to be swarming the place soon, this time with more ammunition. The Killjoys will be ready for them.

Meanwhile, Pree and Gared need Fairuza, a former Scarback, to help guide them into the Necropolis and avenge Alvis's death. She has become a dominatrix in her second career. But she's down for some revenge.

Zeph gets the cube to work. And it transports her, Pip, and Fairuza to the Necropolis. The scene is one of utter carnage.

Johnny rigged a homing beacon to beckon Lucy, and he just needs to activate it. But both Delle Seyah and D'av agree that Johnny should stay and fight, and let Delle Seyah plant the beacon in the storage unit.

On the Necroplois, Pip is hacking in to the station surveillance system for answers when he's attacked by... something. Something that looks a lot like a giant spider.

After D'av and Johnny have battened down the hatches at the depot, Johnny knocks D'av out. He has other plans - the homing beacon wasn't to Lucy, it was to the militia for the organ farm owners. Johnny set up Delle Seyah and D'avin so that he could escape and find his next plasma fix.

Back on the RAC, Pip and Zeph disclose their findings, that the Killjoys took a dip in that green plasma pool on the Necropolis. But here's the good news: Lucy's been tracking Johnny and D’av this whole time. Find Lucy, find the rest.

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