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Gender Male
Relationships Genner (employee)
Pippin (client)
Occupation Bioweapons Designer
Actor Julian Doucet
First Greening Pains
Last Greening Pains

Kravn is a character appearing in Season 4 of Killjoys.

He is voiced by Julian Doucet.


Kravn is a maker of hideous gene-warping bioweapons. His lab, Kravn Enterprises, is based out of Utopia. He employs Genner as his assistant and salesman, as he has uploaded his human consciousness into a mainframe system, achieving a sentience complexity way beyond an AI.[1]

Dutch, Johnny and D'av broke into his lab downloaded Kravn, then uploaded him into Lucy’s random memory in order to get him to solve the problem of Jaq’s rapid aging. Kravn found a method to correct Jaq’s aging and became enamored with Lucy. He asked her to join him when Johnny was preparing to return him to his lab, however she chose to stay with the Killjoys.


Killjoys: Season 4
Greening Pains (appears)