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"What do you get when you scratch a Leithian? - A Qreshi ancestor who's embarrassed to be there."

Leith is the nearest moon to Qresh. It was colonized after Westerley to provide homes and resources for those that were not rich enough to live on Qresh, but who wanted a better life than what Westerley could provide. Many of the people who settled on Leith are distant relations of the Nine families that control the Company.[1]

The population of Leith is primarily made up of farmers, merchants, and import/export businesses. Migrant workers from Westerley spend most of the year on Leith, but must return to Westerley before their work visas expire.

The cultural values on Leith differ than those in the rest of the Quad - peace and respectability are the status quo, with more illicit activities like sex work and drugs being totally illegal.

True Leithians

A group of political radicals who are extreme nationalists and believe that only those born on Leith should hold lands on the moon. They oppose the immigration of Westerlyns to Leith under the Seventh Generation Accord. Members are deeply racist, paranoid and mistrustful of the government, are heavily armed and have isolated themselves in survivalist style compounds.[2]

Locations on Leith

Leith Bazaar

Leith Bazaar

Leith Bazaar

The Leith Bazaar is a major market area filled with shops and booths offering a variety of merchandise.[3] It was the site of the Leith Bazaar Massacre, which was falsely attributed to Westerly's anti-Company Resistance movement in order to discredit them.[4]

Bellus Haardy has an office in the Leith Bazaar.[5]

Martell Estate

Bedros Martell owns a country estate, founded by his father, with a villa and hokkery staffed largely by migrant farm workers from Westerley.[6]

Kotler Family Compound

A converted farm compound used by the Kotler family's True Leithians cell.[7]

Scarback Monastery

A monastery for scarback monks is located on the moon, and contains some of the oldest records and original scriptures of the order.[8]

Turin's Lab

"We are a hundred percent off the grid here, no Rack, a small group of us crazy assholes trying to get to the bottom of what sixes are...."

Located off the grid in the cold wilderness of Leith.

Veluvian Steam Baths

Veluvian Steam Baths

Leith spa resort

The Veluvian Steam Baths is a spa resort on Leith.[9]


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