Leith Bazaar
Leith Bazaar
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Located on Leith, the Bazaar is a large marketplace where a variety of products and services can be obtained, including black market items. Anything can be found here: strange fruits and clothing are sold beside high tech weaponry and medicine.[1]

The Leith Bazaar

The Leith Bazaar

Leith Bazaar shop

An herbal medicine shop

The Bazaar is made up of rambling rows lined with colorful booths and stalls, as well as larger shops and offices.

Shops in the Bazaar

The Leith Bazaar Massacre

Leith Bazaar Massacre Still Episode 10 001

Assailants during the Leith Bazaar Massacre

The bazaar was the site of a massacre which was attributed to the Westerley's resistance movement against the Company. Three assailants wearing the robes and face shrouds of scarback monks attacked patrons in the bazaar, killing a large number of people.[5]


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