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Leith Bazaar Massacre
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Information Leith Bazaar Massacre


The Leith Bazaar Massacre occurred when three assailants wearing the robes and face shrouds of scarback monks, claiming to support the resistance movement against the Company, attacked patrons in the bazaar. During their rampage they killed a large number of people in the bazaar. Alvis Akari was arrested and charged with sedition and mass murder for planning and executing the massacre in the name of the Resistance. [1]

Dutch, John Jaqobis, and D'avin Jaqobis found that three company miners had beaten three scarback monks in the tunnels below Old Town just before the massacre, quickly concluding that the massacre was a Company false flag operation. The attackers took the monk's robes and threw their clothes and ID badges into the sewers. The tunnel rats, illegal residents of Westerley that live in the tunnels, watched the beatings and recovered the clothes and ID tags of the miners. The Rat King, leader of the tunnel rats below Old Town, gave the ID tags to Dutch who had D’avin take them to Hills Oonan at Westhole Prison in an attempt to clear Alvis’ name.[2]

It was ultimately discovered that the massacre was part of a larger conspiracy.