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Level 5 Warrant
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Information Level 5 Warrant

Type of Warrant

This is an Apprehension Warrant where the target is sanctioned for assassination. This type of warrant is also called a Kill Warrant. Once a Kill Warrant is written, it's guaranteed to be completed in the time allotted.

Restrictions on Reclamation Agents

Reclamation Agents of Level 5 or higher may be assigned a Level 5 Warrant. This type of warrant requires the Killjoy to supply proof of death to close the warrant.


If the target is not terminated by the active agent by the warrant's end, the RAC will send another agent, and another until it's done. The agent that failed to complete the warrant has the kill warrant transferred onto them until they complete the warrant or die at the hands of another Killjoy.

Obtaining a Level 5 Warrant

Level 5 Warrants are difficult to obtain. It takes a lot of money and power to get through the warrant approval process.[1]