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Level 6 Agents
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"What are Sixes?" - Dutch
" We're soldiers, working for the true purpose of the RAC." - Sabine


It is rumored that top Killjoys are recruited or taken into a special training program on [Arkyn] to become Level 6 Agents.[1] A few agents go missing each year and rumors say that they have been forced into the Level 6 program. When asked, the RAC will say that the agents have been transferred out of [the Quad] or died on active duty.[2]

In actuality, the RAC is constantly tracking its agents, looking for the right combination of traits for a Level 6 agent. The process is not efficient and most people die if they don't make it through the program. Candidates must be tough enough to take the physical transition, emotionally broken enough to survive the mental changes. The more emotionally damaged and antisocial a person is, the better a candidate they will be.[3] Agents that meet these requirements are subjected to the Red 17 process and Green Plasma.[4]

The Red 17 process is not effective on young individuals. Their prefrontal cortexes are still growing. They can't take the mental transition when the plasma invades.[5]

Agent Characteristics

Level 6 Agents are sociopathic and focused on their mission, unencumbered by emotion or compassion. They do not feel pain and can heal almost instantly. They have increased strength, agility, and dexterity.[6] They live to be very old, however they do not physically age.

Known Level 6 Agents

Black Root

The Black Root is the secret police for Level 6 agents. They are assigned to keep Level 6 agents in line, terminating them when necessary.