Liam Jelco
Liam Jelco S2E2 005
Gender Male
Relationships Big Borna (Wife)
Occupation Company Officer
Actor Pascal Langdale
First Wild, Wild Westerley
Last Heist, Heist Baby

"The Old Town rebels attacked Qresh, made the Nine look weak. This is image management." - Liam Jelco

Liam Jelco is a recurring character appearing in Season 2 and Season 3 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Pascal Langdale.


Liam Jelco is a Company Officer whose expertise is in information extraction and torture.[1] Liam is a Qreshi but not a member of one of the Nine families, instead belonging to one of Qresh's "lower families".[2]

Jelco heart defect S2E3 003

Jelco's heart condition

He also suffers from a genetic defect called Chronic Pericardial Effusion, due to too many generations of inbreeding within his family.[2] His heart is fitted with a special skin flap to expose his heart membrane so that it can be drained of fluid each day to treat the illness.

Assignment to Old Town

After the bombing of Old Town he was assigned to install, monitor, and manage a Containment Fence around the city in order to keep all Old Town residents in and prevent others from entering the city or providing help to the residents. He manages the interdiction of the city from his headquarters in the Spring Hill Compound. [1]

His orders from the Company are to show the Westerley resistance movement the price to be paid for disobedience, to make Old Town wish for the days when they had food and water and honest work to do. He tells the Killjoys that when Old Town tells the Quad that they need the Company and that the Company is good, the wall around Old Town will come down.

Unfortunately for Jelco, the Killjoys and Pawter Simms are able to subvert the containment fence and its programming and free the residents of Old Town.[3]

After Old Town

Jelco and Borna

Jelco and Borna

Fancy Lee allowed Jelco to leave Old Town, and he wandered the wastelands until settling in the Salt Plains. He had gotten into some trouble in the wilds, but Big Borna got him out of it. He fell in love with Borna and became her third husband.[4]


  • The uniforms of Liam Jelco and his security forces use a variant of the standard Company security forces logo resembling a stylized bird.


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