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Liam Jelco
Liam Jelco S2E2 005.png
Gender Male
Relationships Big Borna (Wife)
Occupation Company Officer
Actor Pascal Langdale
First Wild, Wild Westerley
Last Heist, Heist Baby

"The Old Town rebels attacked Qresh, made the Nine look weak. This is image management." - Liam Jelco

Liam Jelco is a recurring character appearing in Season 2 and Season 3 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Pascal Langdale.


Liam Jelco is a Company Officer with expertise in information extraction and torture.[1] Liam is a Qreshi but not a member of one of the Nine families, instead belonging to one of Qresh's "lower families".[2]

Little is known about Jelco's past prior to his assignment to Old Town. According to himself, he was exiled from Qresh, allegedly because his family "didn't want him."[2]

Assignment to Old Town

After the bombing of Old Town, Jelco was assigned to install, monitor, and manage a containment fence around the city in order to keep all Old Town residents in and prevent others from entering the city or providing help to the residents. He manages the interdiction of the city from his headquarters in the Spring Hill Compound. [1]

Jelco sends a warrant to the RAC for the capture of eight prisoners who have recently escaped Westhole Prison. The Killjoys decide to use the warrant as a way to get into Old Town, but are knocked out and detained after the system recognizes Pree's criminal background as a warlord. Jelco is barely satisfied with their explanation of Pree's presence, and has him taken away before briefing the team. He explains that their priority is Tarren Tighmon, the former head of the miners union. After negotiations with Tighmon fail thanks to a Company drone gunning him down and Dutch demands that she and her team be allowed to leave Westerley, Jelco broadcasts a message to the residents of Old Town and places a bounty on both the tank of Aridity Solution Tighmon had stolen from Westhole and on Dutch's capture. The team discover that Jelco placed trackers on them while they were detained, and remove the trackers before returning to Spring Hill.

Shortly before they arrive, Jelco greets Hills and Pawter, who request to get into contact with Pawter's mother. After a short conversation, Jelco tells Hills that he knows he went against orders and warned Old Towners about the bombing, and shoots him in the head for "abandoning his post." A standoff between the Killjoys and Jelco reveals why he is presiding over Old Town: his orders from the Company are to show the Westerley resistance the price of rebellion. He also explains that he is keeping Pawter at his compound as a guest of the Company.

Later, he interrupts a holocall Pawter is having with her father, and flirts with her while reminding her of the explosive ankle bracelet he has put on her to keep her from leaving. When she asks why he needs her to stay, he explains that he has a genetic defect caused by too many generations of inbreeding in his family, and that he wants her to treat it despite having other doctors around. She reluctantly accepts, but uses it as an opportunity to sedate him so that she can access the files on his desk. When Jelco wakes up, he attempts to convince Pawter that they aren't so different and offers her a chance to join him, which she refuses. Shortly afterward, he discovers that she has put the bracelet around his heart, allowing her to leave.

Jelco intercepts and detains Johnny after receiving a warning from Artura Senbek, the Company engineer Johnny questioned about the containment fence. However, Pawter, who has since become head of her family after the death of her mother, forces him to release Johnny. Jelco gets in contact with Delle Seyah Kendry, who orders him to activate the wall ahead of schedule. As Johnny and Pawter are investigating the Company's plans for Westerley while unknowingly succumbing to the effects of the wall's mood controls, Jelco arrives at the Royale. After a brief confrontation with Arune Hyponia, Pawter's ally in the Nine, Jelco shoots him to prove a point: the wall is releasing a signal that causes anyone inside to become happy and complacent, provided they're exposed to the signal for long enough. He then cleans his fingerprints from his gun before placing it in Pawter's hand, framing her for the murder.

After restoring Pawter and Johnny to their senses, the Killjoys break back into Spring Hill, planning to shut down the wall's power source. Dutch finds Jelco in a lab containing the green plasma and confronts him at gunpoint, wanting answers. He tells her that Westerley is only the beginning of the Company's plans for the Quad, and makes a deal with her: if she keeps him alive, he'll tell her where more green plasma can be found. Dutch reluctantly accepts, but while she and D'avin are escorting him out of Spring Hill, they are caught by Herin and his group of rebels. Dutch allows herself to be captured to buy time, and Jelco and D'avin go to Big Borna's settlement in the Salt Plains to get a weapon D'avin can use to blow up Spring Hill. After successfully destroying the compound, Jelco is left behind on Lucy while Pawter, Herin and Kendry negotiate a deal for Westerley's independence. When the Killjoys return to Lucy, they find that Jelco is missing.

After Old Town

Jelco and Borna

The Killjoys cross paths with Jelco again while gathering intel on the Mole Miners, who have a device they need to fight the Hullen. He explains that after Fancy Lee let him go, he got into "some trouble in the wilds" which Borna got him out of, and that he is now her third husband.

While the team attempts to steal the sonic disruptor, Jelco and a few of Borna's soldiers interrupt with a heist of their own, planning to steal some of the miners' photonic crystals. A fight ensues and Jelco confronts D'avin about why he didn't have the codes to access the truck with the crystals, to which the latter quips that Dutch "isn't into material things." They are both captured by the foreman and locked in a truck. While awaiting rescue, the two have a heart-to-heart about their respective relationships. Jelco gives D'avin some advice, telling him that to get through to Dutch he needs to "give her something no one else can, something she needs, whether she knows it or not." He then reveals that he was attempting to steal the crystals as an anniversary present for Borna.


Jelco is manipulative, sadistic and cruel, willing to torture or even kill others to get what he wants. He tends to put on an air of arrogance and superiority and likes to have control over others, shown when he attempts to order the Killjoys around (despite being told that he is not their boss) and when he keeps Pawter hostage at Spring Hill so she is forced to do what he wants. He is also intelligent and shows an ability to accurately deduce someone's weakness, demonstrated in "Shaft" when he tells Pawter that she is too much of a doctor to be able to kill him, which is later proven true. He is also able to figure out that D'avin's "real mission" is to protect Dutch.[3] He appears to have softened with time and with his marriage to Borna.

Physical Appearance

Jelco is of average height with short dark brown hair, which is often slicked back, and blue eyes. His heart is fitted with a special skin flap to expose his heart membrane so that it can be drained of fluid each day to treat his genetic defect.

While in the Salt Plains he allowed his hair to grow longer and has grown a beard. He also now has a scar on the right side of his face.


  • The uniforms of Liam Jelco and his security forces use a variant of the standard Company security forces logo resembling a stylized bird.
  • According to Michelle Lovretta, Jelco was supposed to die in "Johnny Be Good," but the crew shot a version of his death scene where his fate was left ambiguous, and chose to keep the latter in editing.[4]


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