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Neural Link
Pawter removes Neural Link from John Still Episode 7 002.png
Information Neural Link being removed from Johnny


With capabilities similar to a Personal Digital Device (PDD), Neural Links are advanced technology from outside The Quad.[1] Individuals with neural links implanted can communicate across large distances, share graphic information, and search information sources.

Physical Appearance

Scan showing the implantation of a neural link

Neural Links are a biotech hybrid that embraces "living technology". The device is a small, flat disk that combines organic elements with technology, using neural cortex fibers and cerebrospinal fluid to connect an individual to the electronics for faster communication and information sharing.[2] When implanted at the base of the neck the device attaches its cortex fibers to the user's brain.

Use in the Quad

Neural Link technology originates outside of the Quad, however some Killjoys have been able to obtain this technology. Khlyen was able to identify a courier that was transporting two neural links and coerced Dutch into stealing them from the courier.[3] Khylen then implanted the links in himself and Dutch in order to communicate with her, particularly the whereabouts of Big Joe, who had in his possession a Genetic Bomb that Khlyen wanted.

Khlyen and Dutch using neural links

Dutch's neural link was pulled out by a True Leithian and damaged. Johnny tracked down a Tech Pirate on Utopia who was able to identify and repair it.[4] Johnny and Dutch were then able to use the residual data in the link to track down the location of Khlyen, who was on the RAC Cruiser.[5]


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