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Old Town is an urban industrial city on Westerley where many employees of the Company live and work.[1]

Beneath Old Town is an extensive complex of underground tunnels that provide access to the old mines under the town.[2] The tunnels have become a shelter for the homeless in Old Town. Interconnected with the mining tunnels is a network of self-sustaining bunkers.[3] The bunkers were built by the Company during the terraforming of Westerley to guard against the disasters they encountered while trying to terraform Arkyn. Now, they are mostly forgotten by the Company and the city's inhabitants.

Old Town after the bombing

Old Town was bombed by the Company in response to an attack on the Nine in the Ancestral Hall on Qresh. A session of the Nine had been called to decide on revoking the Seventh Generation Accord due to the events of the Leith Bazaar Massacre.[4] After the bombing Old Town the Company surrounded the city with a barrier, much like they did with Sugar Point.[5]

Locations in Old Town

The Royale - One of the local bars where visitors can find drinks and entertainment, and even a medical clinic.[6] The bar is particularly busy during Harvest Week, when migrant workers return from Leith with their pay from working the Hokk fields for several months.[7]

Khlyen and Dutch at the Keffree Tea House

Keffree Tea House - The only establishment in the Quad that serves Ashyrus tea.[8]

Prisoner Intake Facility - This facility provides the central processing functions for individuals being transferred to Westhole Prison.

Westhole Prison - This is a penitentiary used by the Company to punish criminals, political dissidents, and other enemies of the Company.

Alvis and John in the tunnels below Old Town

Old Town Tunnels - An extensive complex of tunnels beneath Old Town. Originally constructed to provide access to the mines. Currently inhabited by the Tunnel Rats.

Old Town Bunkers - When the Company started terraforming Westerley and Leith, they created underground emergency shelters as a precaution in case of another disaster like the one that happened on Arkyn.

Westerley Mental Institute

Westerley Mental Institute - This facility provides for psychiatric treatment of patients.

Spring Hill Compound - A Company compound set up to monitor and manage the Containment Fence around Old Town after the bombing.[9]

Residents of Old Town