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Ryo Still Epsiode 2 001.png
Gender Female
Relationships Simon Muraayan (brother)
Occupation Warlord
Actor Irene Poole
First The Sugar Point Run
Last The Sugar Point Run

R'yo is a character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Irene Poole .


R’yo is one of the warlords operating in Sugar Point on Westerley. Intel from the Company indicates that her territory is the yellow coded section of Sugar Point, where she smuggles in weapons and drugs, including Jakk.

R'yo's Tower

R’yo’s brother, Simon Muraayn had stolen launch codes for a missile from the Company and concealed the data in a Smuggler's nut which he had swallowed. Simon was caught and convicted of stealing Company property and sentenced to 10 years in Westhole Prison. R'yo kidnapped Vena, the daughter of Old Town's mayor, and held her hostage in order to get him, and more importantly the missile launch codes, out of prison. Her intent was to use the codes to send a Lazlo Chamber Inferno missile into the heart of Old Town in revenge for the bombing of Sugar Point and the death of her parents and friends.[1]

The Company bought a Hostage Exchange Warrant with the RAC and manipulated Dutch into taking the warrant. Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny were able to foil R’yo’s plan, rescue Vena, and destroy the missile.


Killjoys: Season 1
The Sugar Point Run (appears)