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RAC supercomputer
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Information Johnny accessing a supercomputer


The RAC Supercomputer utilizes Green Plasma as a method of managing and sharing information.[1]

Green Plasma

John Jaqobis sampled the plasma when he, Dutch, and D'avin infiltrated the RAC Cruiser to find Khlyen. He later had Carleen perform an analysis of the sample in her lab on Utopia. Khlyen killed Carleen to retrieve the sample.[2]

Use by the RAC

Level 6 Agents of the RAC and Black Root officers use the plasma, which is a neurobinder[3], as a conduit between connected minds.[4] The combined memories of every Level 6 agent are stored in the plasma. Really strong agents, like Khlyen, can connect to the green plasma and flip through those memories like a radio dial.[5] They can also use the plasma to communicate over very long distances.[6]