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RAC team 25698-A
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Information D'avin, Dutch, and Johnny


One of the top Killjoy bounty hunter teams in the Quad, RAC team 25698-A[1], also known at least semi-sarcastically as Team Awesome Force, is led by Dutch and includes the brothers Johnny and D'avin Jaqobis.

This RAC team is based out of Old Town on Westerley, but takes a variety of warrants at all levels across the whole Quad.[2]

The Team

- Yalena "Yala" Yardeen aka Dutch: a Level 5 Reclamation Agent, Dutch has extensive hand-to-hand combat and weapon skills. She also has a mysterious past that continues to haunt her and her team.

- John Andras "Johnny" Jaqobis: a Level 3 agent (formerly), level 5 (currently), John has exceptional technical skills as well as weapons training.

- D'avin Jaqobis / Kobee Andras: ex-military, D'avin is a Level 4 agent and John's older brother.


- Lucy: a small Artificially Intelligent (AI) spaceship owned by Dutch and used as interplanetary transportation and working/living space for the Killjoy team.[3]

- Zeph: a RAC laboratory technician added to the team to help fight in the war against the Hullen.[4]


The team formed as a duo approximately six years prior to the events of the series, after Dutch caught Johnny trying to steal Lucy.[5] D'avin joined the team more recently in the third episode of season one after assisting the team in the rescue of Vena.[6]