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Rat King
Rat King Still Episode 10 002.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships Rena (sister)
Occupation Leader of the tunnel rats
Actor Noah Danby
First Escape Velocity
Last Escape Velocity

The Rat King is a character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Noah Danby.


The Rat King is the leader of the tunnel rats, the population of homeless people who live beneath Old Town in the extensive complex of underground tunnels that once provided access to the old mines under the town.

The Rat King acquired the entry codes for the network of self-sustaining bunkers under Old Town built by the Company during the terraforming of Westerley. He held the codes for Alvis Akari, not using them as Alvis had told them they were Holy and to be saved for the End of Days. He gave the entry codes to Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin after they had proved that they had come on Alvis' request. He also provided information that proved that Alvis had not planned the Leith Bazaar Massacre, instead incriminating Company security personnel.

The Rat King cares for his sister Rena, who is sickly and suffers from fevers.

The Bombing of Old Town

the Rat King and Rena

During the bombing of Old Town The Rat King and Rena chose not to go into the bunkers beneath the town. Instead they came up into the streets of Old Town to see the night sky as they were tired of living in the tunnels.


Killjoys: Season 1
Escape Velocity (appears)