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Red 17 is a secret program based on Arkyn. It is connected to the Black Root and the upper levels of the Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (RAC).


The RAC is involved in a secret program codenamed Red 17, which uses top Reclamation Agents to create Level 6 covert operatives and assassins by injecting them with a neuroinvasive plasma known as "the Green." The plasma transforms them into an immortal, near indestructible species called the Hullen. These agents are used in black operations in support of various political agendas.[1]

According to Turin, Dutch was flagged as a Red 17 candidate.[2]

Red 17 Facilities

The primary Red 17 base was located on Arkyn, built into the wall of a crater. According to Turin, after D'avin's escape compromised security[3], the people running the Level 6 program destroyed the Red 17 base to cover their tracks,[4] but not before a large amount of data was transmitted from the facility.[5]

In addition to the main facility, there is also an abandoned lab on Arkyn which was used by Aneela for the earliest Red 17 experiments.[6][7]

New facilities were constructed beneath the Spring Hill Compound near Old Town, with plans to build more across Westerley. D'avin destroyed the compound with a black market missile launcher and the Arkyn plasma was destroyed in a chain reaction started by Khlyen, putting an end to those plans.[8][9]

Facility Personnel



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