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Red 17 is a secret program based on Arkyn connected to the Black Root and the upper levels of Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (RAC).


The RAC is involved in a secret program, code named Red 17, which uses top Reclamation Agents to create Level 6 covert operatives and assassins by injecting them with something called The Green and turning them in an immortal near indestructible species called the Hullen. at a base on Arkyn. These agents are used in black operations in support of various political agendas.[1]

According to Turin, Dutch was flagged as a Red 17 candidate.[2]

Red 17 Facilities

The primary Red 17 base was located on Arkyn, built into the wall of a crater. According to Turin, after D'avin's escape compromised security[3], the people running the Level 6 program destroyed the Red 17 base to cover their tracks,[4] but not before a large amount of data was transmitted from the facility.[5]

In addition to the main facility, there is also an abandoned lab on Arkyn which was originally used by Aneela for the earliest Red 17 experiments.[6][7]

New facilities were constructed beneath the Spring Hill Compound near Old Town, with plans to build more across Westerley. D'avin destroyed the compound with a black market missile launcher, and the Arkyn plasma was destroyed in a chain reaction started by Khlyen, putting and end to those plans.[8][9]

Facility Personnel



Level 6 DNA Analysis