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Sabine S2E4.png
Gender Female
Relationships Pree (Boss)
Jolen Taylor (First kiss)
D'avin Jaqobis (Sexual relationship)
Occupation Bartender
Black Root officer
Actor Tori Anderson
First Schooled
Last Heart-Shaped Box

Sabine is a recurring character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Tori Anderson.


Sabine was born on Leith as Jenny Avery. She spent her summers on her grandfather's farm, where he grew vale peaches. At some point, she joined the RAC and was later made a Level 6 agent through the Red 17 process. After the bombing of Old Town, she was assigned there and given the identity of Sabine as a cover. She mentions working in the mine's canteen prior to the bombing, but it is not clear whether this was true or a part of her cover. Pree hired her as a bartender in The Royale.[1] While she tells Dutch that Khlyen sent her to protect D'avin, it is later revealed that she was sent by the Black Root to use the Killjoys to find Khlyen and then kill them.[2]

While she and D'avin are making love in her apartment, his powers cause a reaction with the green plasma in her body. She goes into a seizure, hemorrhages plasma from her eyes, nose and mouth, and falls unconscious.[3] Terrified, D'avin calls Johnny and they take her body to Lucy, where they realize that she is a Level Six and take her prisoner. They also discover that the expulsion is temporary, and that she will eventually regain her superhuman abilities. Dutch resorts to torturing her for information, though this fails and they take her to Turin. Sabine kills Turin's interrogator, a fellow Level Six agent who intended to silence her, and proposes a deal: she can help the team find other Sixes in Old Town in exchange for them agreeing to let her go.

Using the plasma, she and D'avin are able to locate other agents acting covertly behind the wall. Afterwards, they play a drinking game, and Sabine confesses that D'avin is the first person she has emotionally connected with in a very long time. D'avin lets her go, but not before placing a tracker on her that allows Dutch to follow her to Leith. Their confrontation ultimately ends with Dutch shooting Sabine in the head; her body is later seen being dragged away by two mysterious figures.


Killjoys: Season 2
Schooled (appears) Meet the Parents (appears) I Love Lucy (appears) Heart-Shaped Box (appears)


  • Michelle Lovretta left Sabine's fate ambiguous so that there was an opportunity to bring her back in future episodes. Unfortunately, this did not happen.[4]