Sabine S2E4
Gender Female
Relationships Pree (Boss)
Jolen Taylor (First kiss)
D'avin Jaqobis (Sexual relationship)
Occupation Bartender
Actor Tori Anderson
First Schooled
Last Heart-Shaped Box

Sabine is a recurring character appearing in Season 2 of Killjoys. She is portrayed by actress Tori Anderson.


Sabine worked in the Old Town mine's Canteen prior to the bombing of Old Town. After the bombing Pree hired her as a bartender in The Royale.[1]

Her grandfather grew Leithian vale peaches on his farm, where she would spend her summers when she was growing up.

D'avin has been flirting with her since he met her at the bar.[2] Eventually they make love and Sabine has an extreme reaction while having sex with D'avin. She goes into a seizure, hemorrhages Green Plasma from her eyes, nose, and mouth, and falls unconscious.[3]

The Black Root

Sabine is revealed to be a Level 6 agent named Jenny Avery using the identity of Sabine as a cover. The regenerative effects of the green plasma have suspended her aging, and she is actually 89 years old.[4]

She started out as a Killjoy, then was made a Level 6 agent through the Red 17 process, and then became a Black Root Officer. While she told Dutch that Khlyen had sent her to protect D'avin, she was actually sent by the Black Root to use D'avin and Dutch to find Khlyen.

Sabine is taken prisoner by the Killjoys while weakened by her exposure to D'avin and his effects on the green plasma. She helps them track down Level 6 agents in Old Town, but begins to regain her superhuman abilities. D'avin lets her go, however Dutch knows that she will continue to be a threat and tracks her to Leith, confronting her and eventually shooting her in the head.


Killjoys: Season 2
Schooled (appears) Meet the Parents (appears) I Love Lucy (appears) Heart-Shaped Box (appears)


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