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“Our pain is your redemption. Let us suffer for your sins.”

- Mantra of the Scarbacks


The Scarbacks are a religious group of monks that practice suspension, the act of suspending a human body from hooks that have been put through temporary body piercings.[1] With their religious connections, Scarbacks can move more freely throughout the Quad than most of the population.[2]

The Scarback faith grew up in the mines of Westerley and some of the monks were miners before they took the robes of the order. All the mines have underground temples. Monks use waymarks, symbols scribed into the walls of mine tunnels, to find their way in the dark.[3]

Symbol of the twelve monks

Monks use scarification, involving superficially cutting words into their skin as a permanent body modification, as a method of writing scriptures onto the skin of their backs. Scriptures are written in the Old Word, the ancient language of the monks.[4] Symbols are also used in representing certain scriptures.

There is a Scarback Monastery on Leith where monks pursue their theological studies. The monastery contains a repository of early Scarback Scriptures.[5]

It is later revealed that the scarback religion was created as a defense against Hullen infiltration. Because the monks self-scarify, Hullen, who quickly and perfectly heal from wounds, are unable to pass as members. Scarback scriptures also contain information about the Hullen and the Lady.



Monks wear tan, dull yellow, or brown cloaks over their robes. They commonly wear prayer beads. Some cover their faces in black shrouds. They are addressed as "uncle" and "aunt".

Involvement in the Resistance Movement

A number of monks, including Alvis Akari and Rolly Desh, are resistance fighters promoting rebellion against the Company.[6]

Blood Blessing

Alvis the Penitent giving a Blood Blessing

And the roots grew.
The seeds travelled from a home we’ve forgotten, finding soil on Qresh.
And the roots grew.
From one world to two moons, one mother tree to unite us all.
And when we rise her branches hold us,
And when we tire her trunk shelters us,
And when we die her roots will carry us home.
Praise the trees.

Shadow Symbols

Shadow Symbols are the language of the Scarback dead. Every Scarback creates their own to be carved on their body at death. The symbol represents a story or a memory, and each comprise three separate symbols, which together form a new meaning.[7]