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Seventh Generation Accord
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Information Ancestral Hall of the Nine


Approximately 200 years ago the Nine Families of Qresh voted into law the Seventh Generation Accord. The law declared that if the people of Westerley worked hard and without problems, after seven generations their families would be granted land on Leith.[1]

Opposition to The Accord

Leithians that oppose giving their land to Westerlyns formed a radical political group called the True Leithians to prevent the Company and the government granting immigration rights to seventh generation Westerlyns.[2]

Repeal of The Accord

Leith Bazaar Massacre

As the time came closer to Claimant Day, when Westerlyns could claim their land grant under the Seventh Generation Accord, a number of events unfolded that were manipulated by the Company which allowed the Nine to repeal the Accord. On Leith, assailants in Scarback robes claiming to be with the Westerley resistance attacked patrons of the Leith Bazaar, killing numerous people. Alvis Akari was arrested on Westerley for plotting the Leith Bazaar Massacre.[3]

Attack on the Nine

Shorty thereafter several families of the Nine were assassinated in the Ancestral Hall in Medidas City on Qresh as they gathered to vote on repealing the Accord. The attack was attributed to the Resistance in retaliation for the arrest of Alvis.[4]

The remaining members of the Nine repealed the Seventh Generation Accord and the Company bombed Old Town on Westerley, which they believed to be the central location of the Resistance.[5]