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Simon Muraayn
Simon Muraayn Still Episode 2.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships R'yo (sister)
Occupation smuggler
Actor Michael Therriault
First The Sugar Point Run
Last The Sugar Point Run

Simon Muraayn is a character appearing in Season 1 of Killjoys. He is portrayed by actor Michael Therriault.


Simon Muraayn is a Westerlyn thief and smuggler. While acting for his sister R'yo, a gang warlord in Sugar Point, he stole the launch codes for a Lazlo Chamber Inferno Missile. He hid the chip containing the codes in a Smuggler's nut, which he swallowed. Simon was caught by the Company and imprisoned in Westhole Prison for three years on "attempt theft, Company gear."[1]

He suffered from "blue rot" due the Smuggler's Nut being inside his body too long, causing internal organ damage.

R'yo kidnapped Vena, a mayor's daughter, and held her hostage in order to get Simon released from prison in exchange for the girl. Dutch and Johnny were assigned a Hostage Exchange Warrant to return him to Sugar Point and trade him for Vena.

Simon knew that he was dying as a result of using the Smuggler's Nut, and also knew that his sister would slice him open as soon as she got him back in order to get the launch codes. After his time in prison he just wanted to see the place where he grew up, even if it was just the bombed out ruins of the city that remained after the Company had bombed it in retaliation for the resident's rebellion.

Simon, Dutch, and D'avin were captured by scavengers while in Sugar Point. Simon died as a result of the scavengers attempting to remove his organs for sale on the black market. Dutch retrieved the Smuggler's Nut from Simon's body and used it to trade for the mayor's daughter.

Dutch holding a Smuggler's Nut


Killjoys: Season 1
The Sugar Point Run (appears)