Slaver Ship Arcturus
Slaver Ship Arcturus
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The Arcturus is an interstellar transport ship operated by The Company. The ship's standard circuit takes it up and down the J Star Cluster.

Passengers who cannot pay their fare can travel as indentured fighters, engaging in individual bouts of hand-to-hand combat to pay their fare to their destination. The farther they wish to travel the larger their fare and the more they must fight. Once a fighter has worked off their passage they can be dropped off at any of the colonies along the route of the Arcturus. The debts of popular fighters are often inflated to keep them indentured.[1]


Arcturus Fight Ring Episode 1 001

D'avin and John in the fight ring on the Arcturus

D'avin Jaqobis was traveling on the Arcturus, under the alias Kobee Andras, to get to the Quad. Dutch and John Jaqobis pulled him off the ship while serving a Level 5 Warrant against him.


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