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Sugar Point is a city on Westerley, located less than 200 km from Old Town, its primary industry was based on Sweet Gas operations. The workers in the city began to demand higher wages and better living conditions and the demands were answered by force from the Company. The workers rebelled, gas wells were destroyed, and Company executives were executed. The Company ended the rebellion by bombing the city. A wall was erected around the city and no one is allowed in or out.

Sugar Point scavengers

Sugar Point is now a restricted, bombed-out city overrun with dangerous gangs and scavengers. Survivors fend for themselves while gang warlords and scavengers fight over what is left, picking the scraps from the dead city's bones.[1]

R'yo's Tower

The most powerful gang in Sugar Point is controlled by R'yo and involved in Jakk smuggling.

Residents of Sugar Point

R'yo - Warlord and gang leader

Simon Muraayn - Thief and brother of R'yo

Drugged Grandma - family friend of R'yo and Simon Muraayn

Strapping Granddaughter - family friend of R'yo and Simon Muraayn

Beefy Son - family friend of R'yo and Simon Muraayn

Behemoth - Leader of a scavenger group

Machete Scavenger - Leader of a scavenger group


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