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The Hunter
The Hunter.jpg
Gender Male
Relationships Khlyen (Leader)
Occupation Hullen Guardian
Actor Shaun Benson
First Baby, Face Killer
Last Baby, Face Killer

The Hunter is a character appearing in Season 4 of Killjoys.

He is portrayed by actor Shaun Benson.


The Hunter is a member of the White Blade.

When Dutch and the team performed a data search of Marlene's face (not knowing that it was actually Yalena's face), they tripped an alert which sent the Hunter after them. The Hunter tracked them to Utopia where he killed Mano and used his body to draw in D'av and went after Dutch and Jaq. Dutch (with the crucial help of Jaq) was able to overpower the Hunter and capture him. She was planning to torture him but he committed suicide with cyanide before she had the chance to.


Killjoys: Season 4
Baby, Face Killer (appears)