The Lady
Gender Female
Relationships Unknown
Occupation Specifics Unknown
Actor Unseen
First Dutch and the Real Girl (mentioned)
Last The Wolf You Feed (mentioned)

The Lady is an unseen character in Season 3  of Killjoys.


The Green-0

The Lady is a Hullen entity that lives entirely within the Green Plasma[1]. Black Root Officers told Khlyen that they were to escort him to The Lady shortly after he let D'avin Jaqobis escape the Red 17 facility on Arkyn.[2] While Dutch is in Aneela's memories from The Remnant, Aneela says that the green speaks to her, specifying that the green is "she". Later Dutch sees both Aneela and Khlyen speak of The Lady, and how displeased she would be that Aneela created Dutch.[3]


Killjoys: Season 2
Dutch and the Real Girl (mentioned)
Killjoys: Season 3
The Wolf You Feed (mentioned) 


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