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The Lady
KilljoysTheLady 1.jpg
Gender Female
Relationships Hatchlings (cloned offspring)
Occupation Specifics unknown
Actor Alanna Bale
Lily Gail Reid (child form)
First Dutch and the Real Girl (mentioned)
Last Last Dance

The Lady is an unseen character in Season 3 and appears in various forms in Season 4 and Season 5 of Killjoys.


The Lady is a Hullen entity that lives entirely within the Green Plasma[1]. She was a member of an alien race that was ancient even before her birth, and seeks to escape from the Plasma in order to repopulate her species.[2]

She is first mentioned in "Dutch and the Real Girl," after a group of Black Root officers apprehend Khlyen with orders to escort him to her shortly after he helps D'avin escape the Red 17 facility on Arkyn. Later, when Dutch uses the Remnant to view Aneela's memories, she observes her and Khlyen speaking of the Lady. Aneela asks Khlyen if the Green speaks to him; when he asks her what it says, she corrects him and explains that "she" tells her that she cannot trust him anymore. Khlyen is fearful of the possible consequences of the Lady discovering that Aneela has created Dutch from her own memories, and erases their memories of each other to protect them.[3]

In Season 4, she takes various forms in order to torture the Killjoys when they enter the Green. In "Sporemageddon," she disguises herself as Aneela and successfully escapes. She takes over the body of a young girl (and later a teenage girl) and enacts her plan to terraform Westerley into a suitable home for herself and her hatchlings. Because her actual body can only survive in certain environments outside of the plasma, she begins seeking to take over Jaq's body, hoping his hybrid physiology will allow her to possess him (which she is unable to do with the Hullen) while preventing him from deteriorating as quickly as human hosts. Her true body is stored on the Armada and is later killed by Dutch, trapping her consciousness in her host body.

Physical Appearance

The Lady's physical appearance varies depending on the form she takes. For most of Season 5, she inhabits the body of a teenage girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. Her true form is a large, black squidlike creature.

Powers and Abilities

The Lady appears to have the ability to access others' memories through the plasma, and to take the forms of individuals within those memories. Outside of the Green, she can possess the bodies of others. However, she cannot take over the bodies of the Hullen, and human bodies are prone to deteriorating if she remains in control of them for too long.[4] She is also connected to her hatchlings via a hive mind.


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