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The Madeleines
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Information Madeleines Village on Leith

The Madeleines are a agrarian, religious group of pacifists that have settled on Leith.


Before they settled on Leith, the Madeleines were the galaxy's leading natural scientists. They scouted the entire J Star Cluster for the first colonies, mapping the habitable planets. When their research was used by investors to pollute and profit, they rejected science.[1]

The "Great Mother" is their leader in grace, and Mother to them all.

Temple Vault

When the First Elders settled on Leith, they buried the ship they came on and built the village over it. The ship is their Temple Vault and holds the Madeleine Tapestry.


Madeleines wear simple white clothing, dresses and head scarfs for the females, while the men wear trousers and smocks.

Madeleine members

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