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The Remnant
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Information Zeph opening the Remnant


The Remnant is a device used by Khlyen to hold and retain specific memories he extracted from Aneela. He hid the device on a planet that had previously been used by the Hullen as a training camp. D'avin was able to recover the device.[1]

The Killjoys were unable to open the device or determine its purpose until Zeph infused D'avin's blood and DNA in a sample of Green Plasma, placing a drop of the mixture on the Remnant, which in turn opened and produced a vial of biological material.[2] Although she did not let the team know that she had opened the device, Zeph began to analyze the contents and determined that it was brain matter with a DNA signature similar to Dutch. She let Dutch know that the material contained micro-slices of a neocortex, where memories are stored in the brain, and the two of them decided to try an experiment.[3]

Using an abandoned Company lab, Zeph routed the neurons from Dutch's optic nerve through her hippocampus so her brain could process them like any other memory. Zeph tracked the electrical impulses in Dutch's cortex, and was able to steer her through them like a memory road map.

As Dutch observed the memories of Aneela that had been removed by Khlyen, she realized that Aneela had used green plasma to create and give birth to Dutch, using a mixture of her and Khlyen's DNA.[4]